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			The Weathertop Readme
1. How to use this plugin
2. Who made this map
3. What stuff was used by other people
4. Thank you's
5. Contacting TMBM
6. Legal stuff

1. "How do I use this gosh dang plugin?"
Simple! First unzip the file with a program such as winzip or Aladdin Expander. Then take the file labeled "The Weathertop" out of the folder it unzips to. Put this file in your plugins folder. Log on to Bungie.net and find it in the maps screen. Enjoy!

2. "Who made this thing? I have a letterbomb for them..."
This map was created by They Might Be Mapmakers. The colormap, mesh, and scenery placement was by Qui-Gon Gandalf. Netgame setup and unit choices by Darth Maul. Pregame TMBM icon created by Joyeuse. Pregame shots taken by Paris and Qui-Gon Gandalf. Site (http://tmbm.8m.com/wt.htm) created by A-Bomb. Beta testing by most of TMBM and Wild Blue.

3. "What did you rip off (insert name here)'s map?! I'll tell them!"
All 3rd party products were used with permission by the authors.
We'd like to thank Jenova for his ported myrmidon unit.
Thanks to Mormith for his Recreated Forest Giant.
Thanks to KVLtv for his Ghol Anarchist.
Clem for the use of his appletrees (which ended up not being on the final map, but are still buried in the files somewhere).
Badlands(Bungie) for the ported and modified Fir Bolg unit.

4. "I'd like to thank my family...no wait, they're dead...my boss...er, never mind."
First of all, I (Darth Maul) would like to thank all of TMBM. They're great guys, tons of fun, and hard workers. Thanks once again to all the people who allowed us to use their stuff. Thanks to TYRANT for being one of our biggest fan's, and trying his best to join (which he probably will do one day). Thanks to Clem/Tuncer/Macgamefiles for keeping the Mill (Myth's heart) alive.

5. "Where can I find TMBM? My snipers are all ready to go..."
The general TMBM email is they_might_be_mapmakers@hotmail.com
Or, if you want to talk to the leader, Darth Maul, email him at hamfam@jps.net (the TMBM email is usually used for emails to the whole group...any other stuff should go to Darth Maul)
Qui-Gon Gandalf can be contacted at NapoliBen@aol.com

6. Legal stuff, or "What keeps us from being sued."
Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by They Might Be Mapmakers.

Thanks for downloading this map, and enjoy! Expect more from TMBM soon, and check out our site at tmbm.8m.com!

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