; Mythgraveyard

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Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loating by:
Chris Salvatico (iamtoby@aol.com)

thx to cruiser... for you are the one that first got me into mapmaking
thx to el g... for you are the one that showed me how cool unranked
and reg balanced myth levels could be... you two are the coolest m2
players by far... hope to spend anotha 2 years together as the c.g.c.

thx to total codex for being a great leader in MoL and thx to Mini and
Hapi for lettin me in DL

also many thx to clem and heal w steel for their awsome tutorials...
you guys r0x.

Also thx to all the cool people in the myth community who make it a fun
and pleasent place to unwind... or just kill.


Happy hunting!


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