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Ultimate Warlock by Haravikk

Thanks for downloading the Ultimate Warlock.

Basically this guy is a VERY VERY VERY powerful warlock. He fires 12 to 15 fireballs of immense strength that fire out satchel charges, create rings of fire and cause absolute mahem. Another thing, satchel charges litterally POUR out of the fireballs and detonate when the fireball goes off.

To use simply put it in your plug-ins folder and then activate on the internet though I don't reccomend it, you need a VERY fast modem in order to keep up, EVERY player MUST have this plug-in and Warlocks now cost 48 points EACH and heroes are 56.
To use on single player simply extract all the tags from this plug-in using Tag Extractor (Mac) or Topaz (PC) which are available at the Mill (mill.macgamefiles.com) or Vista (vista.thereinstance.net) though I'm not sure if they're still around. Once its all extracted just put the files in the correct folders in your local folder.


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