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The Ultimate Riot Collection II consists of 37 different Riot maps from Fallen Lords Riot(TM) to Five Champions Riot to Random Riot(TM) and even Wight Riot. There's a riot there for almost every unit in Myth II. There are units included in Myth II that I didnt add to this because the have no attack or cannot attack eachother. I didn't want to edit any of the units (Minus the Summoner and Shade who arent allowed to pass over water) for this plugin for a good reason. All those mircomanagement freaks out there should love this plugin as it will help them to develop their skills using one unit and for others to learn what the units do. I urge you to try as many of them as you can, since there are 37 of them it's fairly difficult to test them all but I had a group heavily test a couple of them before I went into mass production of this plugin.

34 of these Riots are pretty straight forward, you start with 5 units each of the chosen unit map. Things work a little differently on The Fallen Lords Riot(TM), Random Riot(TM) and Five Champions Riot. Five Champions Riot, everyone starts with the five Hero units from the solo level Shiver, two Heron Heroes, Warlock Hero, Bowman Hero, and Dwarven Hero. Random Riot(TM), everyone starts with five units all different from everyone else. This is a great allies map where the weak units can ally together to take out the harder ones (Hardest probably being Myrkridians). Units range from Archers, to Brigands, to Ghols (which own this map with all the pus around), to Journeymen, to Stygian Knights, to Fetch, to Myrkridians, get the idea yet? :-) The Fallen Lords Riot(TM), Everyone starts with the same five units, The Summoner, The Deciever, Soulblighter, Alric, and Shiver. I've probably put the most work into this mesh. With its Summoner Vortex which allows Summoner to teleport anyone caught inside except himself to one of six random spots on the mesh. Everything you'll just have to learn yourself, beware clumping when you see a Summoner around or else all your units may go poof :-) Although sometimes getting one unit sent away alone can lead to its death so you may have to play it a bit to learn it.

This is an idea that someone got way back on Myth: The Fallen Lords. I'm not sure who thought of the whole riot thing originally but one of my good buddies, Lord Phycos, got the idea to make a bunch of riot maps. I took it one step farther and asked him to make one for every unit. Back then they didnt really have the tools for me to make maps on my PC so I had to wait for Myth II's Fear & Loathing. When they got here I kept putting it off but finally I got off my butt and started to work on it and tested it some with my ordermates. Now it's public and ready for anyone who is willing to download it. For anyone who doesnt know what a 'riot map' is, I pity you. Some of these maps may not be fun to you, or all of them for that matter but I tend to enjoy it sometimes. Enjoy, and try The Fallen Lords Riot(TM) and Random Riot(TM), they kick ass!!

Special thanks goes out to: -The badlands group for their healing spot tags on Lichen that I have used on all of these meshes. I had this idea a long time ago on Myth: TFL but never put anymore thought into it. There are four of them on the mesh, north, south, west and east. -I Would also like to thank Chadd Nervig (aka Astro the Space Duck) for his help scripting the Summoner's Vortex spell on The Fallen Lords Riot. -And last but not least Jamie (aka Xap) for taking my pregame design and making it look sweet :-)

Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: Chad Careswell, synapsed@home.com

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