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The Ultimate Fighting 2.5

Release: May 31,2000
uThe Ultimate Fightingvis Myth2 plugin.Put this plugin into"plugins" folder to play.

You can play BodyCount and Lastman on the Hill in this map.

----What is fun of this plugin?----
Handled people are to find that.
How to enjoy it is in dwarf pitching,wandering the flame and so on variously. :)

----What kind of map is it?As for the unit which comes out here?----
The pick of dwarfs fight in an octagon ring. Let's beat each other happily because it is the structure which it can't run away from outside.

----That? Is there a gauge of mana though my unit is dwarf? ----
It seems that it noticed a good thing. When mana is full,click enemy or ground.Then, you can hit an arrow like raising fireworks(HANABI).
It is hit in the very interesting path and raised,but you must not forget to throw Molotov cocktail of your main occupation.
Because damage with an arrow doesn't occur very much, you had better use it in time and so on to disturb an enemy's movement.

----My unit don't have mine.Where is it?...----
Sorry.No mine.

----I want to play with 9members...----
This map is for 1-4 members and for 1-8 members.9th member can be observer or only host. :)
from version2.1,16members can play! Because this map is being well received by its players.

----This map is small,isn't it?----
I will make more wide map in next version.
I made this map by two days with learning "Fear" and "Loathing". As a matter of fact, to take time most was to translate "stlings" into English from Japanese. :)
from version2.0,more wide map for play 16 members.

----Are there a rule except for Bodycount & Lastman on the hill?----
I thought about a release with the rule which it can enjoy most at version1.3.
I will examine rules like "Stampede""Territories" next release.
"for 4" and " for 8" maps are too small map to play "Stampede""Territories".
But, "for 16" map might be able to play that rules...
I want to listen to your opinion. :)

----Version History----
2.5:Universal Release
2.4:decrease unit's strength,more tensional. :)
2.3:improve special quality of fire arrow (speed,distance...)
2.2:improve "for 16" version
2.1:unify 3 version("for4,8,16").
2.0:add "for 16" version.
1.3b:add unit's name explanations.
1.3:improve special quality of fire arrow(o-edo hanabi maturi) and units.
1.2:add "for 8" version.
1.1:add Pregame picture,and other appearance.
1.0:add Lastman rule.
0.1-0.9:unpablic version,Localfiles.

Have fun!

Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Creation.

Map design's rights reserved,Galleon Making Corp.
Special Thanks:all Japanese testers :)

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