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The Truth is Over There

"There was a flash in the sky late one night, and a sound of thunder which shook the earth. You've been sent to find the thing that crashed down from the heavens. But you might not be the only ones on their way there."

'Nuff cheese. This is a KOTH, LMOTH, FFA map, with a 2-team and a 3-team mesh. Relatively small (1024x1024), quick playing map, there's a gouge that runs from bottom to top dividing the screen in two. Near the bottom of the map the gouge is shallow enough to enter from either side, while at the top--where the flag and UFO are--there's advantageous missle unit positions overlooking the objective.

The three starting positions: Left and right of the UFO, above the gouge, and the third start position is at the bottom of the map, in the shallow end of the gouge. The third start position receives half again as many units as the first two teams, due to it's less than fresh location.

Stock units used: Berzerks, Archers, Dwarves, and Stygian Knights.

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Bryce3D, Photoshop5, Fear & Loathing were used to make this map...

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie’s Fear and Loathing by: splat pat@starwars-auction.com

splat out

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