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The Sun's Anvil v1.0r ~ Map by Gandalf (MoR) ~ Redux by Baak (OoH)

This map holds a special place in my heart as one where I have been keeled
like no other. Nokilli and Kaor ripped me to shreds in an early game that's
immortalized in the OoH "Hall of Fame" (and further immortalized in the new
pregame for this plugin), and Kaor ripped my Assassin Pig to shreds (pulled
pork?) seconds after I had to pull my *own* troops off it (a map bug)!

Good times! ;D

I decided to ressurect this map as part of the OoH's 7th Anniversary (it was
our 77th Official Game and we're approaching 6000 now), dust it off, fix a
few minor bugs, and add in the missing game types. It really is a slick map
and well worth an afternoon's work to polish it up.


* Unit mismatches on teams squashed
* Corrected units: Pigs, Archers (now flameless), Warlocks (now ring-o-fire)
* Removed excess Dwarven Mortar Rounds not in center area (too many imo)
* Added an extra Pig (now two instead of one) for Assassin
* Added Flag Rally, Capture the Flag, Balls on Parade, Stampede (same pigs),
Hunting (Peasants and Target Dummies), and my True Scavenger Hunt**
* Captures is fixed (appeared unfinished - balls were only in top half)
* Added Pregame image (was missing), showing my awesome defense against NKI
at the center flag in LMotH - lol! Read about it on the OoH site!

There was no readme with the original anvil.zip file I had, but I managed to
track down some information on Vinylrake (OoH)'s excellent Myth Map Atlas
whereby I found the original author's name: Gandalf (MoR). Thanks for an
awesome map, Gandalf! I hope this redux version lets more people enjoy it.



** - True Scavenger Hunt is a special game type made possible by request
by Myrd (Magma) in Myth II 1.6 - Balls are *visually* invisible as
well as not appearing on the overhead map. There are five balls here.

2007/08/10 - v1.0r - Initial Release

Original information from Vinylrake's Myth Map Atlas:

The Sun's Anvil by Gandalf MoR [version 0.1]

Game Types: Koth, Lmoth, BC, Stb, Terries, Assassin

Terrain: Desert
Teams: 4
Rauko Rating: 5 Swords

This straightforward approach to a map works very well. Using the terrain is
very important and the center area holds some suprises for those not paying
attention. The unit selection is very balanced and from all reports, this map
is a whole lot of fun to play.


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