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The Skreal were put in the TFL tags, but were never used in the game. They were brought to life by Creation for their CoD pack 1, but were never used to their full potential. Now, they've been perfected for The Haver River Saga, an upcoming solo level pack for the Mill Solo Contest. I can't tell ya anything about the story, but you can have a peek at one of the units right here:)

This plug will turn archers and soulless into Skreal. Skreal move about as fast as an archer on land, but get em in the water, and they can outrun a Ghol. They have a long range slingshot attack, that does more damage then an arrow, but isn't as accurate and doesnt shoot as far. When enemys get too close for comfort, the Skreal have a fairly effective melee attack. Never ever think that Skreal play like bowmen or soulless, because they dont. For a really really fun game, try Drowned Kingdom Terries with the Skreal plug on:)

Thanks to:

Various members of Even Idiots Can Win: for beta testing.

Creation: for the first Skreal port on which this plug is loosely based.

Bungie: for making this awsome game.

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