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The Siege
by bongo (bongodrongo@hotmail.com)

Thanks for downloading my my map. Although it is more scripted than most bacic solo maps around, his is my first map, and so dont expect too much. Big show of hands to Ares for tutorial.

It is three days after the capture of White Falls. Half of the first company have been called to help defend the newly captured fort, as they know soalblighter will attack soon. Alric must be kep alive.

I got the idea when playing The Deciever, it said in the story at the start alric had a huge fight with the dark at White Falls. Need I say more?
At the moment i am working on the fight between tallow and a huge army of thrall (read into the breach storyline)

Heroic and Ledg is meant for co-op!

Have Fun!

Email me with any suggestions bugs, or support. Please review my plug at The Mill!


Fear and Loathing is owned by Bungie/Micro$oft, yadayadayada...

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