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"Light vs Dark: The Showdown" README
Created by: lego_maniac (lego_maniac@geocities.com)

The Showdown is the ultimate battle. Ultimate good vs Ultimate evil. The battle takes place in a huge open battlegrounds, with each half of the grounds representing the team that starts there. The light side is a grassy thriving valley, with rushing waters, a waterfall, trees, and flowers. The dark side is a very dark quarry, with lava rivers, mini volcanos, dead or dying trees, and hot rocks all around. A peaceful river runs between the two outrageously contrasting areas.

The battle is fought mainly from the hill in the center of the level. The difficulty ranges from "Uber-Easy" on timid, to "Bloody Mess" on Legndary. I would recommend you never try it on anything below Heroic, because anything below that doesn't present a challenge at all, it's just a great big battle!

The Showdown comes with two meshes:

The Showdown: Play as Light
The Showdown: Play as Dark

On "Play as Light" you start on the grassy half of the battlegrounds, and get to control the light units. The light units consist of Bezerks, Heron Guards, Trow, Archers, Dwarfs, The Deceiver, and Alric. (For the greatest challenge, play as the light units, because the dark units are much tougher.)

On "Play as Dark" you start on the lava quarry half on the battlegrounds, and control the dark units (DUH!). The dark units are Maul, small Myrkridia, Giant Myrkrida, Soulless, The Shiver, and Soulblighter.

If anything can be said about this level, it's probably that it's the BIGGEST, BLOODIEST battle you'll ever get to control! On Legendary difficulty, the battle involves 289 units!! Something of a Braveheart proportion.. :)

I am interested in any bugs or probelems you may find (although I don't think there are any :P) If any are found, please e-mail me at: lego_maniac@geocities.com. Thanks.

Known Issues in v1.0

Since the battle involves 289 units, Myth requires LOTS of memory! Please allocate as much as possible to avoid any possible problems. The only crashes occured when Myth ran out of memory.

Legal Stuff

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation
Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: lego_maniac@geocities.com

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