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This is the official ~PoOp~Map. Made of the finest ffa players and it includes the funniest ffa play on bungie.net. It also includes the PoOp dorf. That one is really REALLY cool.

Version 1.00 (The ~PoOp~ Map)
The map was released

Version 1.1 (The ~PoOp~ Map) [updated]
Stygs got some color
And missing ctf flag added
The PoOp dorfs got some more names
Two missing wolfs found their way home.
Stampede! was added

New versions...
Well, I'm going to add a drunk rather weak unit named Heineken!
Add hunting (Hunt the weak Heineken targert) :)

Thats all, if you have any ideas or bug reports mail them to mickus@chello.se
And remember, PoOp will rock your world! :)


Bungie2 2 >V2styl

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