; Mythgraveyard

June 23
This is a quick and dirty hack by TheOgre. Copyright whole and in parts by Bungie Corporation.

No backstory - I decided to make a small KOTH and Last man map with light units and no archers.
The color map is original, as you can tell because it's pretty crappy :)

This is a 4-player map, but should go well with 3 or 2 players because of small size.
It takes a thrall an average of 40 seconds to get to the center.

You get warriors, stygian knights, thrall, dwarves, wights, ghols, and Jmen if you want them.

Special thanks to Vista for their neat tutorials on making color maps with textures.

You can email me at zwilloh@usa.net if you want to tell me something about the map. I'll make
changes if people seem interested and want them.

Can't think of anything else, except - SPOON!

June 24
Yes! Less than 24 hours later, Version 1.1!

Couldn't fix annoying walls, but did add a free jman so pus becomes a more viable tactic - also
increased trading points a little.

Oh yeah, I added the overhead map as well. Forgot about that in version 1.0 :)

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