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The Might of the Mage is a plugin which changes the warlock unit into a more powerful, dark unit, known as the mage. The principle differences are that the mage has a much more powerful collection of magic attacks and a faster recharge rate, but the downside to those is that he dies rather spectacularly. This is only a problem if he is close to your units, but he, like the warlock, is physically weak, so he needs the protection of your units. He is most effective against clustered units, like his parent unit, the warlock.

Copyright Notice

Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear by Josh Joseph (Rabbitboy)

If you would like to use the warlock in your own plugin or map, please just email me with your proposal. I'd be happy to give you permission.2append attributeappend attributeyend tagend taginteger numberinteger number"[^"]*""[^"]*"[0-9]*(      9  @  t  x      }              !  '          222styl

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