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The Might of the living dead

A party headed to south of the Forest Heart, while the deceiver was
looking for a piece of the tain. They have found a monument to Alric, created
as a symbol of his and the army sacrifices 60 years ago. This includes the
fight against Soulblighter inside the Forest Heart. Many man lost their lives
inside the Tain.
The captain, a Vampire Slayer, has decided to set a camp there. Yagdrasil,
festive as he is, started a party. At noon, a fog started to form around them
and the temperature started to fall. What will happen next?

-Very hard map. On normal difficult it's almost impossible to beat it alone
-3 new units for player control: Adventurers, the Drunken Dwarf and the
Vampire Slayer.
-7 new monsters plus a secret !
-A secret scene ! (Hilarious)
-Some units react to certain events.
-Cool new attacks including the "(c)Mind Control Aurea".
-Hours of fun with your mates over the net! Playmyth or Mariusnet anyone?

This is a solo map intended for cooperative play. You will need at least
4 people to give it a try. 8+ is highly recommended.

Beta players should delete the older beta map. This new map is not compatible
with the old Beta.

Unfornately this map is not compatible with unit plugins. Too much new
projectiles. No ww2 :*

The projectiles are randomly removed every 20 seconds. I don't want the Myth 2
projectile limit bug the game play. Still the particles may cease to exist after
some waves. Cross your fingers to not happen !

I'm not an american or english. I don't write in english so good...

8 Adventurers, 2 Dwarf heros, 6 Archers, 4 Berzerks, 1 Drunken dwarf,
1 Vampire slayer. On heroic you receive a dwarf mortar hero. On legendary a trow
is included.

Hundreds upon hundreds !

New units:
This unit have 2 different abilities (and it's represented by a brigand
collection) :

1-They can collect and use roots to heal. Beware: you must be near of the
target otherwise it will throw a dagger at the target !

2-They can throw a poisoned dagger when the mana bar is full. The poison
paralises the target for a brief moment. Some undead are resistant or
immune to it.

An adventurer is a very skilled melee unit. Sometimes they can kill 4
thralls alone (if used correctly).
A round shield and a sword are used in close combat.

Drunken Dwarf:
The Drunk dwarf is more resistant to explosions and throw bottles much more
distant that normal dwarfs. However, he may do stupid things like ignore thralls
in front of him (blowing himself) or miss the shot completly, sometimes hitting
his allies on the head. Take very good care of him ! He may stab units as well.

Vampire Slayer (represented by the heron guard collection):
Like adventurers, this unit has 2 main abilities:

1-They collect and use roots as usual.

2-A holy water bottle may be thrown when the mana bar is full. This attack
is very strong against vampires and some undead types while others are
resistant or immune. The explosion also stuns some units, including your
own. Don't worry, the living don't take any damage.
The twin katanas are his weapons of choice.

Ps: Keep this unit alive ! You will need it in the end. Probably you will learn
why the hard way...

Some new monsters:
Fallen Zealot:
This is an animated enchanted armor a la stygian knights, but stronger
and deadlier.

A middle stage between the thrall and ghast. It throws a piece of of
it's own body, wich can paralize a unit. Beware !

Strong witch who can turn your man to stone. Use roots to turn them to flesh

My first idea was about a house filled with drunk dwarfs. Undead would attack
from all directions and try to break thru windows, doors and such. Since I would
have to create new models for myth 2 (A thing beyond my power), I've decided to
use the smallest possible resources to obtain the biggest results.
I think the idea was cool, I will not make it but it's open for anyone.
You may change the scenery to a town, castle or whatever and use my units as
you wish.
I think the map may be ported to MYTH TFL, but with great effort...

I did the map alone, it was a 3 months job, but I've received help from many
people. I apreciate them for help and efforts to make my map possible:

Elijah Horton for many scripting advices. U rule man.
Ares for his scripting tutorials ! From beginner to Advanced !

Mariusnet folks:
Jesse "Road" Guiles for various string lists (good job !)
Maddog for scripting advices (well, sort of =D)
Carlos Raul "Uripoziac" Dubon Mendiola for testing

Playmythnet folks:
Gholsmacker for testing
Ravengard for testing
Long dead folks:
Dolnatien Alphonse François de Sade. (U suck)

Myth TFL guys:
Project Magma for Mazzarin's Demise !

And everyone who participated the Mariusnet and Playmythnet "closed" beta.

Ps: I do not apreciate the spammers on myth forums. You've ruined the community

You may find me with the emails realheadcrusher@hotmail.com
and realheadcrusher@uol.com.br

This is my recent ICQ number. My brother deleted 1282426. I had it for 4+

Find me at www.headcrusher.hpg.com.br

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