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The Kalasian Nightmare

Solo Campaign by Andy Pepworth

The Story

Peace has reigned for centuries in the lands of the Stronburg Empire, although many of us fear the tension between ourselves and the Kalasians will soon end that.

The Great Kalasian Emperor Kal-Toku died recently in his sleep and with him his peaceful, prosperous nation. Since then, the new Emperess Kala-Lucia has inherited the Kalasian island empire, and contact with us has all but ceased - until now.

Kala-Lucia was once the very beautiful daughter of Kal-Toku, until she began dabbling in black magic. Some say she is now completely deranged and terribly deformed. Rumours also say that her experiments to gain dark power have been successful, but her body was almost completely destroyed. I don't think anybody has seen her for quite some time.

The question on my mind is How or where did she get all this power? I have always believed that only the great Master Wizards could harness such power, and that the Master Wizard now is Oliminus...


You have have downloaded the_kalasian_nightmare.sit
Besides this readme there should also be a folder called LOCAL. Find your local folder in your Myth2 Directory, rename it and put it somewhere else that's safe. Now put my local folder into your Myth2 Directory. Also, remove any 3rd party plugins from the plugins folder when playing this scenario.

Start up Myth2, hold down Shift and Click NEW GAME. Select Desert Storm and you're away.

Welcome and information

Hello all and thanks for downloading this campaign. This is the final version of my 10 map campaign "The Kalasian Nightmare" for Myth 2. I started work on this about a year ago when I first bought Myth 2 but I never had time to really work on it until now. I felt Myth 2 was good, but didn't emphasise the whole battlefield enough, and so I started working on some large battlefield maps. I guess I might have gone the other way to Bungie, because the emphasis is mostly on battlefield tactics, and not individuals.

I am an Englishman in Japan at least for the next 2 days, and then I am backpacking around Australia with my fiancee and hopefully settling there too. So, I don't have time to do all the things I wanted to do.

Many maps and units are original, many are other people's creations (I don't know whos, but thanks anyway), and some are converted originals. For the final version of TKN, I have made 2 new maps. The last map borrows houses from the ASSASSIN map which I found on The Mill. All credit for those houses goes to those who made the models on this one.

Some mods: The archers move faster than Bungie's to reflect their lack of armour, they have a longer range and the arrows fly faster. This, I believe makes them a more realistic archer.

The cannon are more destructive although they can't move. I don't remember where they came from but they had to hit a target almost exactly to cause damage - now they damage a radius. This makes for fantastic carnage.

There are many other mods and different units, many of which taken from The Mill.

This Campaign is as finished as I can make it!
I'm sure it's got bugs, and I'd really appreciate it if you could mail any comments to me.
I don't have anymore time though. A better script writer could have done a nicer job, I'm sure, but I can't do everything! Oh. I did!

Copyright - There is no copyright issue here, expect Bungie's legal rights. Bungie did the real work on this game. As I mentioned before the last level includes a model from Assassin or the Daimyo Project and I'm sure they are copyright to someone, somewhere.

This project is mine, and I am responsible for it. I did all the scripting, mapmaking and story although I am not fussed if anyone wants to use it, abuse it, copy it or whatever.

mail to: ryuchan@freenet.co.uk

I hope you enjoy the destruction!!

Andy 'Belzedar' Pepworth
1st April 2000



The 8th level "Celebration" has a problem with dialogue boxes - maybe a conflict

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