; Mythgraveyard

          Thank You!! for downloading "The Journey Continues..."

Please keep in mind that this map was designed with the following belief:
"Age and Treachery over Youth and Enthusiasm."

Enjoy!! ;o)

12: THE END ??
13: SPOILERS (Please DONT read)

******************************** 1: *******************************

©Copyright 1998-1999 in whole or in part Bungie
Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear
and Loathing by: T. J. LING
Better known as: GHOST

"Thanks Fisj" :o)

******************************** 2: *******************************

There is none, beyond unzipping and placing the Unzipped Plug-In in the proper folder (That`s right, the one that say`s "plugins" ;o)

Plug-In: Bungie Defaults.
Journey`s formations are set to Myth`s Default Formations.

"formations" folder: Tighter formations.**
Designed to offset the narrow landscapes you will encounter.

**If you would prefer these, just place the included "formations" folder inside your local folder.

(NOTE:: This should be the only folder in your local when playing Journey.)

******************************** 3: *******************************

Now I'd like to thank a few friends.

FIRST, and FOREMOST, I must thank Khellek. This man gave tiressly, without want of reward or mention of name for his efforts. He spent well over a month, nearly every night for upwards of 8 hours in a sitting to help me bring Journey back from the brink of the Recycle Bin.

"Khellek, Thank You!!" :o)

HUGE THANKS to Bubba and lank, for providing insight, opinions, their time, their help in areas I am still majorly lacking in, for being so supportive and helpful, and for the well timed comical relief, especially down the home stretch.
" Bubba, Thank You!!" :o)


"lank, Thank You!! " :o)

BIG THANKS to my Beta Testers; Rick "Star Trek is so real,.....in another dimension" Cline, `Vid (my Bro), Bubba "with Arms Soaked Red", and lank "Bereft of Fear". You all helped me locate and stomp out more bugs than I ever care to see again. Thanks guys for putting in the time, and foregoing your own projects to help with me with mine. Couldnt have done it without you. :o)

THANKS to Ares, for the info on how to create my first Bio-Degrader. :o)

And of course,
THANKS to DeathWhore and his Myth II HandBook. This book supplied my dorfs with their special ability, gave me little nuggets of clarifying information that kept me going, and kicked open the door to the world of Myth Map Making for me. This book has been one of the best investments I have made in years. If you dont have it, go get it.
(>> http://www.myth2handbook.com/ <<)

I'd also like to thank all my new friends at the VistaForum. This grouping of people are better than a pyschologist, funnier than a comedian, and much more helpful than a police officer in a time of need. Thank You guy`s, for talking me down, for pushing me forward, and for supporting me now. Its folks like you that make life good. :o)

Most of All, I thank my wife Nancy for her love, patience, and not divorcing me for all time I ignored her while working on Journey.
"Nan, you are ONE in a million. Thanks for being mine "

******************************** 4: *******************************

Sunday, November 23, The Valley of Despair.

Alric`s Legion is being decimated by Soulblighter`s Dark Forces.
One defeat follows another as Soulblighter`s armies flood the lands.

They seem to be coming from nowhere.
No one sees their advance until the stench of death fills the air and corpses litter the land.

The last defeat we suffered at Madrigal was costly. The King`s Legion is down to a precious few and we have begun to conscript the aid of all willing and un-willing to help in this desperate struggle.

It seems that during the previous wars with the Fallen, a World Knot had been secretly created by the Duergarr Dwarves in a place known as the Valley of Despair.
What it was used for is only known to the Duergarr. Unfortunately Soulblighter has made sure none survived to tell the tale.

The existance of the Duergarr Knot and it`s ablility to teleport without a receiving World Knot, had been unknown about until, apparently, several months ago; Precisely the time Soulblighter`s forces began to gain the upper hand. It seems he has been using this Knot to teleport his Dark Forces to strategic locations, namely the rear and flanks of Alric`s troops.

But now, through passages contained in the Codex, King Alric has discerned this hidden location, as well as a long abandoned World Knot that should bring us within a days march of our objective. With this information, we have been sent to destroy it. Should we succeed, it would spell a devastating blow to Soulblighter`s stategy.

We head out later this evening, in hopes of using the darkness to cover our advance...may Wyrd be with us as our

Journey Continues.....

******************************* 5: *******************************

#1: The Fetch have been modified; Their range has been increased nearly 2/3. The counter to this is, they take longer to shoot, as well as the range of your own Dorfs and Archers. BE VERY CAUTIOUS when approaching Fetch in Journey.

#2: During testing the following Bug occurred, I think, Twice. It is enough, though, to warrant this Heads Up and Solution.

A: The situation:: Youre at the Duergarr World Knot attempting to Destroy it. You have shot more than 8-10 "good" Molotovs at it but no results other than some pretty colors and dust.

B: The Problem:: Some how the Triggers I made for this can (it appears) be actually forced under the Model of the knot by the Molotovs from your Dorfs. The GEOM still sees it, keeping the knot from exploding, and you cant blast the trigger I made, as its out of reach "under" the Knot Model.

C: The Solution:: Revert to Last Save, which hopefully wasnt to long before hand. This should allow you to blow it up as the chances of the trigger going under as stated above are very very low, and doing it twice in a row, I would say is almost impossible. (Tested over 100 times without being able to "Force" the bug to occur, and it has only happened once outside of the initial Constuction/Scripting of the Expoding Duergarr Knot.

#3: Any and all items in Journey are of my own creation. Any resemblance, similarity, or duplication to anything already created and / or existing in public, is pure coincidance. With the following exceptions:

A: Dwarven Mine: Courtesy of the Myth II HandBook. Created by following the instructions provided by DeathWhore, and not just copied off the provided CD.

B: Undead Hole Projectile: Courtesy of lank and his Genius with Fear.

Everything else was created thru my limited Imagination and Trial and Error. :op

#4: I did not leave much room for the map edges, (learning curve), therfore there may be times when you see beyond the edge of the map. During "my" normal playing I rarely encountered this problem.

#5: Looking west down the river, or zoomed in low and with some cliffs nearby can cause some minor tearing of the image near the top of your screen. :o( (Again, learning curve)

#6: Small puffs of smoke are just Journey`s Bio-Degrader at work

#7: Even with the Bio-Degrader hard at work, Journey`s Reload of a saved game can average up to 5 minutes and maybe more when you get near the end. Please be patient, it will be worth the wait.

******************************** 6: *******************************
(The names have been changed to Implicate the Guilty)

2+ Elite Molotov Dorfs
2 Rebellious Heron Heroes
6 Elite Human Archers
16 `Zerk Mercenaries

3*+ Elite Molotov Dorfs
4 fir’Bolg Archer Heroes

40 Ghast
36* Wight
62* Ghol
96* Souless
18** Fetch
56** Maul
440** Thrall
66** Small Myrkridia
15** Giant Myrkridia Tossers

* These amounts will vary according to Difficulty Settings alone.

** These amounts will vary according to Difficulty Settings and the "Random Monster Generation" choices the scripting makes.

+ DORFS: Acronym for Dumb, Or Really F@%$ing Stupid.
I am sure you will see what I mean. ;op

-- Also keep an Eye out for "Traps", "Rewards" and Special Items (Ammo) ;o)

******************************** 7: *******************************

::Elite Molotov Dorfs:

A: The ability to shoot a potentially powerful mine some distance. The damage caused will vary according to mine placement and other factors.
B: Start game with 1 each, with the ability to find up to 6 more (depending on difficulty)
C: Can carry up to 2 each.
D: Mines can be exploded by alternative measures. IE. Lightning, fire, molotov
E: Ammo appearance: Satchel Charge

::Elite Human Archers:

A: A real live knife attack without any funky clicking if you attack an enemy within 4 W.U.
B: Can carry up to 6 fire arrows each.
C: Fire arrows are longer ranged than normal arrows.
D: Start with random amount between 2 to 6.
E: Ammo appearance: Green Fire Arrow Ammo.

::`Zerk Mercenaries:

A: Some Resistance to Lightning. (25%)
B: Lightning Sword Attack. A weaker version of the fetches Lightning with a range of 5 W.U.
C: Can carry up to 6 each.
D: Start with random amount between 0 to 2.
E: Ammo appearance: Small, hard to see, Dead Beserk Swords

::Heron Heroe Rebels:

A: Extended Healing Range. 4 W.U.
B: Ability to Absorb blows. (10%)
C: Can carry 9 each.
D: Start with random amount between 4 to 9.
E: Ammo apperance: Yellowish Mandrake Plants / Roots.

******************************** 8: *******************************

OVERALL: Enjoy yourself and have fun!

PRIMARY: Locate and Destroy the Duergarr World Knot.

SECONDARY: Destroy all Forces of Dark.

TERTIARY: Accomplish the OVERALL whilst also completeing the PRIMARY or SECONDARY objectives.

******************************** 9: *******************************

1: You are safe until you leave the world knot. Remember though, King Alric`s Legion is being Decimated!!

2: Save Often !!

3: All your Units have Special Abilities and / or Attacks.

4: Always keep an eye on the overhead map.

5: Mandrake plants and other Special Items (Ammo) increase with your difficulty level.

6: A Dorf Mine is a powerful explosive device that can be shot by your Dorfs. Shooting one into the path of oncoming enemies is a great way to create an onslaught and kill large numbers of units with a single shot.

7: Use your `Zerks Lightning attack to weaken enemies before engaging in hand to hand combat.

8: It is best to never leave your backdoor open to your enemies.

9: Dorfs move and shoot slowly and are vulnerable to fits of stupidity, keep them under tight reins. See Hint #10.

10: Keep Dorfs separated from each other and your other troops if you wish to survive. See Hint #12.

11: If a Dorf is near Death, he makes a great suicide bomber. See HINT #12.

12: A Dorf Death unleashes a powerful explosion that can create an onslaught and kill large numbers of units. This includes your own, so be CAREFUL!!.

13: Check your Dead for ammo they may have dropped. (Except|p Dorfs, RUNAWAY!!)

14: Sometimes the path you take affects what becomes available to you.

15: RUNAWAY!! NO, Really, this IS a viable survival tactic. ;o)

******************************** 10: *******************************

Scripting Fixes: Khellek / GHOST
Pregame Story: Khellek / GHOST
Pregame Music: Khellek / GHOST
Pre / Postgame Picture Modifications: GHOST
Pregame Picture Retiming: lank
UndeadHole Projectile: lank
Colour Map: GHOST
Colour Map Hints & Tips: lank
Flavour Texts / Names: Bungie / GHOST
Text Editing: lank / GHOST
Support and Guidance: Khellek / Bubba / lank
Alpha Testing: GHOST / Khellek
Beta Testing: Rick / `Vid / Khellek / Bubba / lank / GHOST
Final Testing: Bubba / lank / Khellek / GHOST
Map Design & Scripting: GHOST
6 months sacrificed / invested in the name of Fun!!: GHOST

Intangibles: Anybody and Everybody who has ever helped me out, one way or another, on this Journey of mine. You know who you are, I hope. ;o)

******************************** 11: *******************************

Journey originally was never meant to be released. It was just an experiment in my ability to create a map. An experiment that went extremely overboard and has become what you now have before you. Please remember, I'm just one guy, not a Map Making Cartel. I was working with limited tools (PhotoDeluxe/Windows Paint) and limited understanding of Fear and Loathing. I am a novice in all things computer. (@ least in my mind.)

It's been an Adventure, to say the least, to make this. I really hope you all enjoy it, and that it brings to you the enjoyment I now intend it to.

Journey grew out of an, ever so slow, advancement in the understandings of how and why things work within Fear and Loathing, I started as most everyone did, by making a color map and seeing if I could import it (you`d be surprised how long it took me to figure out 8bit) ;oP

From there things just kinda snowballed. I figured out the reflection map next, which led to models, then finding that damned flag "Models Do Not Limit Redering" so the mesh didnt rip under the bridges, then how to do connectors to keep the monsters and players from walking off the bridges, and so on and so forth until I ran into my scripting problems. :o(

Here layed a whole new can of worms. It seems I have a penchant for overdoing things. Dohhh!! Journey has been literally gone through line by line more times than I can remember. It has been revised and tested more times than I can count. Problems fixed and new ones arisen.Thanks to Khellek and my friends at Vista`s Forum, I now have a much deeper understanding of Loathing and scripting than I ever thought possible (and I`ve just seen the tip of the iceburgh, Aarrgghh!!!) ;o0

Khellek also taught me a new way of Scripting. "Variable Programming". A way to get multiple uses out of a single or a few MA`s. This may not seem like much, but when you are running with 908 MA`s and Loathing is BARFING all over you, it becomes REAL important real quick. Thanks to this type of Scripting, and some MUNGER`S, Journey was reduced to 685 MA`s with the exact same,(& some improved), game play.

Beyond that Khellek is responsible for pushing me to add the rest of the features that make Journey complete. The Pregame Story, Pregame Map and Pictures, Pregame music, and the Endgame that Journey now has, are all due to him, and his help.

Bubba and lank both have / are teaching me the value of the "little details" and have guided me down the home stretch as I prepared for (eventual) release.

Thanks to them Journey isnt as rough around the edges any more and has a more "polished" feel than what I had originally intended / accomplished for release. Alas, it may have been even better had I not refused on most issues. (ei: Colour Map, Fetch range,Sound FX etc.) Next time!! MB? ;o)

******************************* 12: *******************************

Well, I guess if you have made it this far, you deserve a Reward.
The secret Taunt Spot is.......

hehe, sorry cant give you more than that. You will have to find it on your own. ;o)

Thanks again, Hope you have FUN!!, and that Journey keeps you coming back for more :o)

Good Luck, "I think" you will need it. ;o)


Please send any and all Questions, Comments,(good or bad) or Bugs?? to:
And put "Journey" as the Subject.

******************************** 13: *******************************
(Please DO NOT read!!)
(Until you have played through Journey at least once.)


SPOILED #1: If shot "just right", over your guys, you can cause the Dwarven Mine to become active in flight and to explode on impact.

SPOILED #2: Healing a Posted Archer will reinforce you with a fir’Bolg Archer Heroe.

SPOILED #3: When at the Fork in the path,(sign), follow the Dark Path in order to receieve use of the Mystical Healing Cave and to Activate SPOILED #5.

SPOILED #4: The Cliffs (first cave) causing the Fork in the path can be scaled on the North side, near the River. Look for a bush "on" the cliffs between 2 trees.

SPOILED #5: After going down the Dark Path, and Eliminating "ALL" enemies between the Sign and the 2nd Bridge, goto SPOILED #4 to activate a Elite Dorf reinforcement. (Legendary ONLY!! )

SPOILED #6: At the Mystical Shrine, (South, between 2nd & 3rd Bridges), you can sacrifice a guy in order to receive up to 2 Elite Dorf reinforcements. (Dependant on how many Dorfs you have at the time of your sacrifice) If needed, see SPOILED #7

SPOILED #7:The sacrifice is accomplished by activating the Rising Healing Cave, placing a sacrifice inside while still having someone in the Cobble Circle Outside the Cave.Then after your sacrifice is in place, have your guy(s) in the Cobble Circle retreat back away from the cave, leaving the sacrifice in place.

SPOILED #8: Eliminate Beserk Ghosts in order to Deactivate the Explosive Trap and gain Unhindered access to the Special Items they protect. If needed, see SPOILED #9.

SPOILED #9: Only Healing, Lightning, and Explosives will kill Beserk Ghosts.

SPOILED #10: Keep a man on the 3rd bridge to "scare" away the explosive Wights that are sent to Blow it up behind you. Thereby keeping an avenue of retreat open.

SPOILED #11: The Secret Taunt Spot gives you Continual Regenerating Health and an Experience Increase. This spot is located..............Ah, Ah, Ah, I said you`d have to find that one on your own. :op

Well, I hope youre happy now?? So, what you waiting for?? Go back and try all those things you missed the first time through. :o)

The Real End.

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