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Who would say that our dear jorneymen one day they were so talkative.

This plugin is a modification of Heron Guards. New sounds(FOR CATH BRUIG!) and string lists were included. I liked a lot.

(My only intention with these plugins is to amuse. Only that...)


"Every year, a thousand of the empireís most skilled soldiers are led into the imperial arena. After days of battling and riddle-solving, all but one hundred are dismissed. These chosen move into the Great Training Hall where the greatest heroes of the Royal Order teach them the ways of combat. After a yearís training, only five of the initiates are chosen to become true Heron Guards. The Heron Guard were founded in the time of the Third Emperor Folsom. His procession attacked by Myrkridia, a lone warrior wielding dual swords fought back the devils and personally saved the Emperor. This warrior was Ihsaísum, who claimed to be from the East. The Emperor, so marveling at his skill and bravery, bid him to the city of Llancarfan to train his finest guardsmen. Taught to them by the Avatara, the use of Mandrake Root to heal is an ancient and complex ritual. The root must only be gathered during a full moon, and remain untouched by human hands. Each root so extracted is imbued with five drops of the makerís blood, branded with a symbol of potency, and wrapped in cloth so as not to be touched until the healing is desired."

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