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Hi guys, I hope this file is works for you.  If for some reason it doesn't, you'll never read this so I'm not about to express any grief.

The Haunted Bog Readme

The haunted bog is a swamp as you'll soon see. Most of the game types are the same old stuff.
Stampede is different in one way. Instead of a flag to move your units to, you need to go get a ball and bring it to your stampede units. Which by the way you have more than one type. I get so tired of chasing chickens everywhere. I also decided to throw in ghasts for the stampede game.

If you have any problems with the map that's a shame. I have ABSOLUTELY NO PLANS TO RELEASE AN UPDATED VERSION OF THIS MAP. So if you have a problem you can't figure out just toss the plugin.

Look for me on bungie. My login is Grigon and my screen name is usually Crix Impyre.

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