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The Great Library (Pyro's)

This is my first plugin on The Mill. Well, this plugin is for The Great Library. It replaces all the thrall with myrmidon (I got at The Mill) , all the fetch with myrkridian giants, all the wights with shades, all the soulless with bre'Unor, many of the ghols with myrkridia, all the berzerks with heron guard heroes, the journeyman with Damas the heron guard captain (which I got at The Mill), and all the bowmen and dwarves with dwarven heroes (Thermonuclear Dwarves is the name of the plugin from The Mill I used for these dwarven heroes). It adds 4 warlock heroes, 4 forest giants (I got at The Mill), and one avatara (I got at The Mill) to the light side. It also adds Shiver (for "Normal" level and higher), Soulblighter (for "Heroic" level and higher), and Balor (for "Legendary" only) to the dark side.

Place this plugin in your "plugins" folder. Hold Shift and click on "New Game" then you can let go of the shift key and click on "The Great Library (Pyro's)" to play it. Once you see it you can play it on Solo, Co-op, or Multiplayer.

Copyright 1998 in whole or part Bungie Software Products Corporation. This plug-in was made by Pyro using Fear and Loathing.

If you have any questions or problems with this plugin send me an e-mail to kingpyrro@hotmail.com or look for me "Pyro" on bungie at night on central time.

P.S. I'm working on other plugins I could use some help so it won't take me so long on my own.

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