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The Frosty Tankard:

The Frosty Tankard features 8 teams spaced around a big snowy hill. The snow hill on the
map is media, so dwarf cocktails won't explode on it. The top of the snow hill is a fire,
and the surrounding area is normal ground. There are several dwarven bottles lying around
the fire which will explode when hit, so be wary. On KOTH the units are variable amounts
of dwarven heroes, based on the difficulty level, simple being one dwarf, and legendary
giving you 5 dwarves. On assasin the target units are peasants who start around the fire
in the middle of the map. So make sure you get him out of there as quick as possible, because
he will start out totally undefended. Other than that, the map features lots of other game
types with standard units that make for lots of fun.

Winter's Maw:

Winter's Maw features the same map with the same snow media. However, Winter's Maw features
4 teams with dark units. Including Giants is optional, on legendary. Every other difficulty
leaves out the giants. The target units for assasin are 3 myrks who run around randomly and
are uncontrolable, so make sure you keep an eye on all of them. Other than that, it features
lots of other game types that also make for lots of fun.

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