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The Fortress of Doom II Final - Soulblaster/2009

Once more, a master battle between the light and dark takes place in an awesome fortress with TSG scenery,
featuring some haxo units and many hidden secrets. With an imaginative script based originally on Ghost's map,
Requiem of the Dead, you will certainly enjoy the game play as well as its features.

Thanks for those who helped me testing the plugin, since first version:
Godzfire, Zoso, Retch, Fury, DC's, Storm Bringer, Spa, Timmah Jr, Powerup, Idles, and many others I am very

My special thanks to all tagmakers for their hard and awesome work realized on the tags I've used in this plug.
The gathering of these tags is the result of an intensive research. I've spent many hours elaborating and editing
this plug, just with the goal of adding more fun to the myth community. These tags are, to me, what I consider to be
the best selection among many others out there.

Here follows the list of people I've borrowed stuff to make this plugin possible:
Myth TFL (Bungie)
- Sitting God Model

Chimera (Badlands/Bungie)
- Boneman

The Fallen Levels Convertion (Iron Duke)
- Myrmidon New Unit
- Forest Giant New Unit

TSG (Creation Games)
- Mesh [706 TSG - Fall Of Markon] - "The Fall Of Markon"
- 7Troll Unit

Bushido (Creation Games)
- Oni Unit

Legends of Gor'ash (Creation Games)
- Gor'ash Unit

Homeland (Creation Games)
- Bonucar Unit

Sisters of the Blade (Idiot MMC)
- Troll Duad Unit

WoT (Tarous Zars/Road)
- Perrin Unit
- Orcs Axe/Archs Unit

Dreamseedz (TMBM)
- Agarlocx Unit

Alien Dark Tide (TMBM/Strangelet)
- Autogun Unit

Star Wars (TMBM/Cydonian)
- R2D2 Unit

Cydonian/Black Pope
- Ogre Giant Unit

- Catapult Unit
- Balista Unit

In the Cript of Arianna (Demosthenes/Lorgath)
- Goblin Unit

Mazzarin's Demise VI (Zeph)
- Iron Trow Unit

Heros at War (Souly)
- Minotaur Unit

I think thats all i can remember now, although if I missed something or someone, please, forgive me.

I, Soulblaster, recognize the pre-existing rights and responsabilities of Bungie Software Products@Corporation
("Bungie"). All appropriate graphics 1997-2009 and all rights reserved to Bungie Software Products Corporation.
Portions of the Software made with Fear and/or Loathing and/or other Bungie and 3rd parties products. Tools or
general published documentation remain under the prior license agreements for the use of those software products.
Myth: The Fallen Lords, Myth II: Soulblighter, Fear, and Loathing 1996-2009. All Rights Reserved.
Bungie Software Products Corporation.

Nobory is perfect...if u find out any bug, or you have comments, criticisms, sugestions or whatever you might think
off that can make this plugin better, please contact me at: soulblaster@aol.com

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