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"At the behest of the nine, our officers chose five champions from amoung the legion..."

Welcome to the read me file for The Five Legends.

What ?

Basically what this plugin is, is every "normal" solo level on myth TFL, has been converted so that instead of normal units, you now command the five champions, that is Truan Turgeiss, Oleg, ki'Angsi, and the legendary Journeyman Crazy Rooster !
(Something special has been done to the regular five champs levels...=))

To install this, you need to have 1.3 Myth TFL, and just drop the legends.gor file into your myth / tags / plugins folder
If you dont have 1.3, get it =)

Why ?

When i first got Myth TFL, like everyone else i suspect, i played the solo levels and enjoyed all of them immensly. (still do =))
However, my favorite levels had to be the five champions levels, those guys just plain rock ! However, I wanted to be able to play with them on all the levels.
Playing co-op with these guys is real fun, with five people =)

When ?

This plugin sorta began about 6 months ago =), im still in school (doh!) so its a bit hard to find time to do this stuff.

Who ?

This Plugin has been created, tested and compiled by the Crows Bridge Cartographers.
Capital -
- Initial alpha, "An Ode to crows Bridge" =)
- Unit pickup problems
- Great ideas, helpful advice
- Excellent Testing, finding bad bugs.

Crazy Rooster -
- Excellent testing help. (both Cap and CR found bugs I didnt even know existed)
- Great ideas, helpful advice

Judd -
- The meshes and stli's (just hacked NOT created)
- pregame picts
- compiling the whole shebang

How ?

I (Judd) did most of the editing on a PPC 6100 / 66mghz, running system 7.5.3 (woo hoo ! =D speed demon !)
Using excellent editing programs such as :
- Despair, made by Chris Amico
- Chris Amico's Myth extractor1.0.1
- Mons edit, by David Shaw
- The Fallen sounds
- stliEdit 1.0b, by Waka
- Bartok, Lucena Systems
- Hexedit, by Jim Bumgardne
- Textura 1.o¶3, by Kim Foo - Jones
- Amber 1.0pb3, by Vodi
and of course
- Myth The Fallen Lords, by Bungie
- Simpletext, by Tom Dowdy
All of these tools worked exceptionally well, once you get to know how to use em of course =)


I would like to thank everyone who i have ever played against in myth, and everyone who i have ever played with in co-op games. Especially those five champions ones =)
I can be contacted at :
email - juddluke@hotmail.com
ICQ - 37796516

Helpful Tip(s)

BTW, all of the levels have been renamed...and each level has TWO links, dont panic, they both work fine, it just might confuse some people.
If you want to access all of the levels at one time, simply hold down space bar when selecting the solo level option in multiplayer.
Here is a list of the names when compared to the original levels -

1-Crows Bridge - Food for the Crows
2- A Traitors Grave - A Grave for a Traitor
3- Siege of Madrigal - Operation Otter
4- Homecoming - Return to Covenant
5- Flight from Covenant - Shepherds Gate
6- Force Ten from StoneHeim - On Glory Hill
7- Bagrada - Sleepless in Bagrada
8- Ambush at Devils overlook - A Devil of an Ambush
9- Five Champions - Operation Desert Storm
10- Out of the Barrier - Sunshine on a Rainy day
11- Silvermines - Mines of Silver
12- In the Shadow of the Mountain - In The Mountain's Shadow
13- Seven Gates - Gates of Seven
14- Forest Heart - In the Heart of the Forest
15- Heart of Stone - Stoneheart
16- The Smiths of Muirthemne - Tomb Raider
17- Sons of Myrguard - Friends of Myrguard
18- (secret level !) - (secret!)
19- The Road North - The Road not taken (Thanks Robert Frost!)
20- Across the Gjol - Miracle on the Gjol
21- The Watcher - Mad Goat of the Fenns
22- River of Blood - A bridge too far
23- Pools of Iron - Iron Pools
24- The last Battle - As Fate Decrees
25- The great Devoid - Legends of the fall

As you might realise, many are just renamed in a differant order =)

The Five Champs can take on a lot of enemy firepower, each of the five champs has to work together with the others to be an effective unit. "United we stand..." applies well here, keep your men in a groupand be very careful to not hit your men with friendly fire.

If there are any bugs that we havent picked up, please let me know about em.
I truly hope you enjoy playing these levels as much as i have had making them and playing them.
Have fun, that is compulsory =D

Myth: The Fallen Lords
(C) 1997 Bungie Software Products Corporation
(i did NOT use fear and loathing but they are registered things of Bungieª)
(I am not resposible for the following : Computer crashes, alien abductions, mad obssessions and any other negative effect that may occur if you use this plugin. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK)
All rights and reserves to bungie umm copyright.

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