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The Five Champions v1.1

ported by KillSwitch

About this plugin:

The Myth:The Fallen Lords scenerio (I consider Myth games 'scenerios', not
'levels') The Five Champions has been ported to the Myth II engine. This
includes all units (as best as could be converted), models (again, as best as
could be converted), local projection groups, scripting and pre-game dialog.


A little personal note:

The Five Champions has been one of my favorite scenerios from TFL. Unlike other
maps, it forces you to use what units you have, not just force your 'zerks to run
rampant every time. It is also one of the few levels where satchels can come in
rather handy.

I wanted to see this level brought over for three reasons:

1) Some of the newer Myth players in the communitee haven't gotten deep into TFL,
but rather started with and stayed with Myth II. I wanted to bring a little of
the 'old school' scenerios to the newer communitee.

2) Having a G4 with an ATI Rage 128, I love playing in RAVE mode. Alas, RAVE
was in its infancy (or not around yet - I don't recall) when TFL was released.
I really wanted to see this map with some hardware acceleration.

3) It was something to do to break free of the harsh fact of reality we
all must face from time to time.


Credit given where credit is due:

First off, the usual thanks go to Bungie Software for such a fine game. This map
was created mostly by their wonderful editors, Fear and Loathing. In addition,
numerous smaller apps were used to 'decompile' the TFL map including (but not
limited to): Mythed, MythTech, Amber, HeadEdit and Despair. The models were
painstakingly brought over by yours truly using some old posts by Loshadh, a
hex editor and a little something I cooked up.


Final Note

If you have any questions feel free to email me (address at the top). Some well
deserved Thank You's go out to:

Jenova and alot of other wickedly-cool people at Creation Games (www.creationgames.com)
Frigidman for his work at The Mill (mill.bungie.org)and providing a hella nice place to congregate
All those in support of the Myth communitee and all the work they do with websites, forums,
3rd party apps, etc.

And finally, down with lemurs. Up with Gor-Ash. Live long and prosper and
I'll see you on the battlefield.

June 17, 2000

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