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The Fight for Mt. Evil
Created by Dementor with Bungie's Fear and Loathing

This is a modified version of the "Cracks in the Cloudspine" mesh created by Bungie.

This map makes use of spiders, soulless, mykridia, giant mykridia, archer heroes, posted archers (the assassin units), and my own diabolical creation, the Dwarven Guerrillas!

"While learning the fine arts of the Pathfinders under Balin, a small group of young
dwarves grew tired of the meditation and preperation inherent in the trade. Seeking
greater power, this small band left their master to study the dark arts in the far east.
When they returned, they had surpassed even their old master, and forged an army of
unseen mercenaries."

Installing the plugin
Step 1- Put "The Fight for Mt. Evil" into your plugins folder
Step 2- Turn off all lights in the room
Step 3- Light two red candles: The first should be placed on the right of you computer's
monitor, the second on the left
Step 4- Open Myth II
Step 5- Go into multiplayer... yadda, yadda... you know the rest.

NOTE: Steps 2 + 3 are only for effect. Also note that Dementor wrote this at three in the morning... apologies.

The new dwarves
1- The guerrillas become invisible,save for a flickering shadow, when they are moving.
2- They are also invisible to the overhead map.
3- They cannot be targeted while invisible, either by you, or by enemy units. This can make
them difficult to control if you have them moving a long distance.
4- Their Charges look just like little piles of rocks. Be careful!
5- Instead of using ammo, the guerrillas use their magic meter for their charges and
6- Due to intense combat training, the dwarves can climb (slowly) even the steepest rocks
or swim in waters a grown man would not dare to cross.

If any of you out there want to hire these cunning soldiers for private use, just make sure you give credit to Dementor for their creation.

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