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Fear the modify units :)

How far can we go, that is the question, too far ,
the computer crash on drawves explosion (what this value does ?) i'am talking
about the Fear experimentation around v3. Now  it's v9 and remember
this ---> even the trees are modify (the unit needed
more space to move in thing woods), remember this  All
Units are lethal
, fear that pig dude (work
on is amming capability), fear those drawves, they have canon
ball as T key
, fear spider, they breath uder mud  (just like
the others but they are invisible on overhead), fear the
fetch that goes a long way,
theys all have a little someting special,
just try them, play with them,  and kill them :)



The Basic

2t -> 2 players, check out the commendo units
(drawves hero and zerk)

4t -> it's ranning, it's foggy (turn
the fog on, u wimp!)
and the trow  is
out to play

dff ->  when a say "how far can we go" is 100 thralls
+ 44 warrior + 48 zerk +...is far enough,
they have a few friend

that the stampede game on that one have a different start and
is more a regular game...


Thz<--(36pt. is too small for
that headline)

thanks to all idiots for playing, comments, testing,
and even bitching.

a special thanks to Giant :)

thanks to gratton

thanks Bungie ! <-- i'am leaking to get free
stuff :)





“Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.”
Created with Bungie’s Fear and Loathing by: François Boisvert (beaver),


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