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The Ephor of Myrgard

Two Solo/Co-op maps by IronDuke
from the Smiths of Muirthemne Mapmaking Society

To Use This Plugin

Place "The Ephor of Myrgard" into your plugins folder inside your Myth II directory.

When you start Myth II, press New Game. The Ephor of Myrgard will be at the bottom of the list of levels.

Once you have successfully finished the level, The Ephor of Madness will also appear on the list, although you can also see this by shift-clicking the New Game button.


The Ephor of Madness enacts the fall of Myrgard to the ghols, an event that occurred shortly after Muirthemne was razed by Balor.

As playing the losing side would not be fun, you control dark forces as they seek to smash the citadel at the heart of Myrgard and kill the Ephor, the ruler of the city. At the head of your army is the legendary Fang-Grinder, plus you control ghols, ghol shamans, pack-leaders, fetch, myrmidons and soulless.

Opposing the dark are dwarves (of course!), fir'Bolg and warrior allies. However, these are not standard dwarves, as you will soon discover! Traps and ambushes abound throughout the level - even water can be dangerous if you're not careful. Also, you can capture and operate the 25-pounder cannon that protect the citadel's approaches, and there's plenty of explosives for your ghols to pick up ;)

TFL physics, pathfinding and units are used throughout, as are the original cave models from Sons of Myrgard. No detail has been spared in my efforts to replicate the look and feel of the dwarven city, right down to new ambient sounds and flavour texts.

The other level, The Ephor of Madness, is a frantic fight-for-your-life co-op in the style of BadThrall's Group of Coops, intended for multiple players (but by all means have a dash at it alone if you wish :) I felt compelled to create something that allowed you to use some of the new dwarves...

Copyright Information

The Ephor of Myrgard is a third-party plug-in for Myth II: Soulblighter. Copyright 1998 in whole or in part by Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created (in part) with Fear and Loathing by IronDuke (andrew_sumner at bigfoot.com) and others (see credits). Original elements not created by or owned by Bungie or other parties are copyright 2000 by their respective authors. This plug-in is meant to be distributed and used free-of-charge by owners of the Myth II: Soulblighter game.

If you wish to use anything from this plugin for your own purposes, you must contact either myself or where relevant the other authors for permission.


IronDuke: colourmap, ported TFL units, scripting, fear, new sounds and retextured models.
BadThrall: TFL physics, and most of the TFL interface.
Cydonian: Tags to implement destructible scenery.
Santa's Head: fire collection from WW2 plugin.
Thoran: Poplar tree scenery.

All third-party tags were used with the kind permission of their authors - thankyou!

Thanks to GHOST for providing the inspiration for the AI that makes units jink, duck and weave when under missile attack. It makes such a huge difference to solo gameplay!

Thanks to David Wellington for the idea (and name) of the arqubusier, although I didn't actually use his implementation.

Other trees used were from Chimera, by Bungie and Badlands. The pregame artwork is also Bungie's.


Miggins, Discordia, Guric, True Peril and Darth Maul were the heroes here. Khellek also helped in resolving a tricky scripting bug. Many thanks to you all :)

Finally, a special thankyou to the authors of Amber, Mythed, The Fallen Sounds and Ichor. These excellent tools were an incredible help, and a joy to use. And Antero of course ;-p

---- oOo ----

Historical Notes (mainly for my Asylum friends)

Firstly, we have the unit selections. From perusal of Myth flavour texts, I can find evidence that apart from dwarves there were also wights and fir'Bolg involved in the Myrgard battles. As there's plenty of soulless in the TFL Myrgard levels, I felt their presence was justified too. I provided the fetch and myrmidon to add extra punch in their respective areas - that was a gameplay decision, as was the addition of warriors (I'd have preferred dwarven axe-men and even had a flavour text implemented).

Fang-Grinder's presence makes sense to me, and I've based his size and melee attributes on Bungie's Myth comic. The other ghol variations were to add interest and provide healing capabilities and it is known that Myth III will introduce some form of ghol shaman.

The variations on the dwarven units were also my idea, based on what I presumed to be a higher level of technological expertise before the fall of the cities. I don't know if this is true to the story, but hey, the units are fun and their ability to wreak short-ranged havoc seems right for dwarves. I've been told that mortar dwarves weren't actually around at the time, but I the ones I've included are all "experimental" models, and the mortars have less range and damage than the Myth 2 variety.

The presence of the lightning towers is a bit of a stretch. Assuming the Smiths of Muirthemne (who built the Tain) were dwarves, and there's a fair bit of evidence for that, then it isn't impossible that some of them took up residence in the dwarven cities after fleeing Muirthemne and contributed some of their knowledge and expertise.

Cannons are not actually fired by dwarves in any of the Bungie levels, however we do know they built them. Being long range weapons, the short-sighted dwarves cannot fire them with any degree of accuracy, and hence they distribute shrapnel over a wide area rather than being highly explosive. Ghols cannot shoot any more accurately either, but this is due to their total inexperience in operating the weapons at the time (it also saved me having to MOMA in a different cannon each time one's captured).

Lastly, the pond of death. Its my idea, so shoot me if you don't like it :) I originally wanted something mysterious and beautiful like the pond outside Moria in Lord of the Rings, but I settled for this instead. Unfortunately I couldn't find a way of burying twinkling stars under the water's surface...


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