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The Cannon Are Restless

Wished that you could have long reaching artilley in Myth II?

Well, here it is. The Cannon. Plain and simple, it's a cannon. The Cannon has two completely new attacks, and has new names, flavor text and so on.
The first attack is a normal cannon-ball, and sprouts fiery pieces of metal. The primary attack is somewhat inaccuate, but goes a very long way. The second and special attack is a "bag" shot. It usually has two to four cannon-balls of different types, and is pretty accuate.
The Cannon's two attacks are long reaching, but the primary is somewhat weak, and the bag shot requires ALL of the cannons mana. This was done to balance out the unit.
Also, I have modified the special attacks of the dwarf and the bowman. The dwarf has four pus bottles, and the bowman has four pus arrows.


Brought to you by the great people at the Flight of Dragons
If anyone wants to use this in one of their plugins, email me. Most likely I'll accept and let you use it. And if you don't ask, at least give me credit? I'd do the same for anyone else.

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