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:::: Table of Contents

:::: 1. Solo
:::: Story
:::: Objectives
:::: 2. Multiplayer
:::: 2. To Use Towers
:::: 4. Credits
:::: 5. Legal
:::: 6. Contact info

:::: Solo

SOLO - P.O.W. Rescue Mission

There are a few ways to get solo working for you. Before doing this first way make a back up of old "games"file for insurance. All ya have to do is to put the "games" file i included with your D/L just drop this thing in yer myth preference folder and when asked if you want to replace, click YES. The other way is to play on someone elses host that has it on there list already. And the last way is to get yerself Rages **PLAY WWII OFFLINE** plug and follow his directions accordingly...

After the carnage all we wanted to do was rest.... But there was no time for rest. A call had just come over the radio that prisoners of war were being held in a large camp just north of the Baron Canal. Being so close, we had to take action. Cozmo's party was to meet us at a clearing due south of the Camp. With only 12 of us, were gonna need some luck :)

Rescue no less than ten POW`s. What this means is, get them out of the cell and bring them to the rendezvous point, which is the Eastern most part of road and then up the hill. To get them out of the cell you will need one of four keys held by the guards near the POW`s. When you kill them they will drop a key, and all you have to do is pick up the key and walk to the cell door. POW's will now be controllable for you to lead them to safety.

That's it... sound easy, eh?

Well, it's not. This map is not for the weak. Getting the POWs to the spot is very hard, and it takes a long time. It takes teamwork and sometimes sacrifice (during beta testing some games would last up to an hour and a half and we still lost).

Oh, I forgot to mention...starting at twelve minutes a POW will die, and with each five minute interval another one will die, until there is less than ten left... which means you lose the game. MUHAHAHAHA!!

There are a Easter Eggs on this map, as I`m sure you'll soon find.
Well that's it...good luck, and I suggest that you START ON TIMID :)

:::: Multiplayer

I've included yer normal S2, Patrol and Elim multies with this plug. Though S2 has a twist -- I borrowed an idea from Lichen unto Death by badlands. On Heroic and Legendary, each team is given a captain. If seven minutes have passed and your captain is still alive, your team will receive reinforcements. There are five on Heroic and ten on Legendary...BTW these dogs, they have remote bombs placed in their insides - if you use Special Attack they will blow up, but if they die, nothing happens (like wearing a TNT vest.)

:::: To Use Towers

One simply walks deep into a nearby tent and you will teleport to the nearest tower.
To get out, simply hit the taunt key and you will end up back at the tent you came from.
It is possible to throw nades, shoot rpgs and fire rifle from towers. Its tricky but its really all about position in the tower. For nades either in center or near rails is good..Tho by rails it is possible to get shot. You also need to be careful firing RPGs, sometimes the dang things hit model and you may blow up.
Being on the ground, ya think the tower guy has got the advantage...well it is possible to throw nades up unto the tower...there are 2 ways to do this. As you are facing toewer model from relatively far distance, special-click on rail farthest away from you and nade should land right were ya wanted. Another way is when you are right next to tower, special-click on very top of tower (the peak) and watch nade fly...Hope this helps

:::: Credits

Map layout/design: o z o n e
Scripting: Ghost
Story: o z o n e

Thanks To:

Id like to thank Santas Head for DEEZ UNITZ and all the beta testers who d/l the 10 million betas..well mb 10 but still alot. And lets not forget Ghost who gave up alot of time to get the script acting the way we wanted it too...Great Job Ghost, i think it rocks man... had a blast working with ya.

:::: Legal

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: Ozone and Ghost of Creation
Soldier units copyright Craig Goodman aka. Santa's Head #CP#Z
Tower Models borrowed from Assassin by DeathWhore edited by ozone/clem
Sample at start of Co-op is Rage Against the Machine not sure what song.

:::: Contact Info

E-mail Ozone with questions and comments.
website: www.ww2.creationgames.net

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