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The Battle for Urbarahz

The Goblins’ seemingly endless host has penetrated the borders and has overrun the lowlands on their march toward the mountain of Urbarahz. Join in the defense of the Dwarven homeland; fighting before, on the slopes and inside the mountain. Will you manage to keep the Goblins at bay?

The Battle for Urbarahz is an excellent ale drinking, axe swinging, highly explosive (sometimes majikal too ;-) ), and carnage filled map pack with 8 levels you won't find anywhere else. TBU features new units, scenery, models, and, of course, colourmaps.

Myth II 1.7 is recommended. Be sure to play with detail textures on!

Alternate Level 1:

There are two versions of level 1, The Goblin Deluge. The default version is shorter and a bit simpler, and ends with a big battle at a bridge. Ever wonder what it would have been like to take on the horde in Siege of Madrigal? That’s sort of what this level is like. The second version, called “The Goblin Deluge (Alt)”, involves sneaking around and letting uncontrollable units defeat the horde, and then finding a way through the mountains. Victory in either version takes you to level 2.

Project Credits:

-Original concept by Teepens.

-Scripting by Teepens.

-Tags by Teepens (units built from scratch with Cydonian’s models).

-Colormaps and meshes by TJ.

-Colormaps for Fholzam’s Lookout and Goblin Deluge by Teepens.

-Colormap/mesh for The Pursuit by Qui Gon Gandalf.

-Detailmaps and custom shadowmaps by Lank.

-Models and model textures by Ozone and TJ.

-New scenery by TJ.

-Model texturing for Tharaff bridge by Graydon.

-Pregame art by Teepens (?), modified by Graydon.

-Monster collection tweaks by Haravikk.

-Journals and flavor texts by Teepens and A-Red

-Additional scripting, tags, bugfixing, balancing, and project management by A-Red

Additional Credits:

-Unit models by Cydonian, from The Seventh God.

-Bridge model on Goblin Deluge by Iron, from Blue & Grey.

-Postgame win/loss art from The Seventh God, author unknown. Modified by Graydon.

-Some flavor texts from The Seventh God, author unknown.

-Epilogue music converted by Tireces, from The Wall by Martin O’Donnell

Beta Testing:

All listed developers, various members of the Project Magma team, and Fury IX. Unfortunately, I do not have a full list of testers, as I have only been involved in the late stages of development. I apologize if your name has been left out.

Thanks for playing! We hope you enjoy the campaign.


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