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The Alpha Guard VS

First I want to thank tou for downloading my plugin "The Alpha Guard VS". You kick serious ass, unless you gave me a bad rating. The discription an the mill isn't a very good one, so ill do a better job here.

The plugin consisists of four maps. Two have all new color maps and two don't. the maps are as follows

1. The Alpha Guard VS -- the plugins title map. the colormap is borrowed from If only I had a trow.
Body Count and Hunting are. the avalible game types

2. Alpha Medow -- An all new colormap. again Body Count and Hunting are the game types.

3. Saw Weed Lake -- The other all new colormap. this one offers Body Count, Last Man on the
Hill, and Hunting.

4. Barrels of Fun -- Anyone remember Doom 2. this level has the same concept as its
namesake. The map is borrowed form Venice, but this one is alot more fun
Body count and Last Man on the Hill are available.

This plugin also includes some new units.

Alpha Captains -- They are stronger than a warrior and can shoot fireballs with the special attack key

Alpha Dwarves -- Tougher than a normal dwarf and with a longer range. the dworves can throw Medusa Bottles with the special attack key. Like the name implies the bottels turn anyone near their detonation to stone. NOTE ---- STONED UNITS ARE NOT DEAD THEY CAN BE HEALED AND UNPETRIFIED THEY DO NOT COUNT AS KILLS UNLESS THEY ARE DESTROYED.

Alpha Dwarven Mortars -- they work like normal mortars but can fire an incendiary round with the special attack key.

Alpha Bowmen -- They fire two arrows at once

Alpha Dogs -- Similar to wolves but they can outrun a ghol and maybe even a trow

Neo-Wights -- My pride and joy. They look like wights. they act like wights, but they ten times
better. When they detonate they release fireballs in random directions.

Green Neo-Wights -- See for your self, you wouldnt believe me if I told you.

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