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Myth III Reincarnations Series
Thaw Before the Storm for Myth III - v1.0 - September 16, 2004

Map originally by Badlands
Reincarnated for Myth III by aqaraza

[note: 03-11-05: after months of sitting on several 'reincarnations' in almost-completed condition, i am releasing them for use regardless of any loose ends that may still exist. they work, and will at least provide some fun games. -aqaraza]

[note: long ago, Christopher Morrisey of Badlands gave permission to work with some Badlands scenery, units, and other elements; after writing to the badlands info contact and getting no response, and inquiring on boards, i am extending that permission to include full conversions. if you are an original Badlands member and do not want me to do conversions of Badlands maps, let me know and i can remove them from distribution. i do, however, give full creit here; i love those maps, and i have loved introducing Myth III players to them, who might never have experienced them.]

i have always loved Myth, and always loved the old maps made by Bungie,
Badlands, Vista and others. in learning to use Ballistic, i decided to
study the masters so to speak, and do a few conversions to hone my
texturing skills and get a handle on how maps fit together in Ballistic.
it's good for Myth III to have these classics again, and good for
mapmakers to learn how a well-done map is crafted from the inside out.
in the spirit of Myth's perpetual undead theme, i am calling my own
series of these enhanced conversions: 'Reincarnations'.

the second completed map in my Reincarnations series is Thaw Before the
Storm (8-team!) and Calm Before the Storm (2-team), originally created by

there are a couple of noteworthy changes. firstly, since there are no
wolves, i have created units based on the stats of their 'Running Wolf'
units called 'Running Wolf Spiders'. needless to say, these are spiders;
their terrain movement and other stats are simply based from the Badlands
Running Wolf unit. not the most elegant solution, but until a Wolf unit
is made, it will have to do. also, since there is no Baron, the Assassin
unit is the Gower Peasant (female).

secondly, i have created about new, high-res (512x) snow textures for this
map; they can be culled and used at will in other maps.


first i will give credits for this Reincarnation, and below that is the
full text of the original Badlands readme.

- Elements from other M3 maps: Evergreen Trees and rocks from Dead of
Winter, in the Classic Mappack by El Bastard and Clem..

- Special thanks to the kind folks on the Flying Flip Mapmaking boards
for help and guidance; especially krezrock/fud, Dozer, Samsara, Von
Paulus, and Scorch & others for playtesting in PlayMyth's 'The Forge'
open testing sundays. and of course to the Flying Flip folks for
posting Ballistic tutorials and releasing Ballistic for us!

- aqaraza

Plugin originally created by Badlands, May 6th, 1999.

The Thaw Before The Storm

AUTHOR: Badlands;Chris Barrett (Plague), Tyson Green (Ferrex), Paul Bertone (Ruiner)
SUMMARY: A large snow covered map with frozen ponds and creeks, and some silent homes. Includes two and eight team versions as well as both light and dark variants.

A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: “...The northerners are a curious sort. Ten months of the year their land is covered in snow, yet they run almost naked through it. They bathe in water that is more often than not shut behind a thick layer of ice. No wonder they are so tough in battle. Berserks they call them, and it is quite evident they are. Only insane people would have homes here. Yet somehow they aren't quite insane. It's as though the cold doesn't even effect them.

The other day I watched some children playing. One fell 30 hands from a ledge onto a field of ice shards. Rather than him becoming a bloody mess, the shards cracked beneath him. It is no wonder we won the wars against the Fallen, for not Myrkridia nor Kithless nor the walking dead can survive the beating they take at these people’s hands. They rarely start fires, and if they do it is to only boil water for the haggis they so deeply crave.

The forests here are a site to behold. If only it weren't so cold. I wonder if ever this land will thaw for the brief two months you can actually see grass growing on the ground?..“

The Thaw Before the Storm is a 2/8 team netmap for Myth II:Soulblighter.
The plugin includes 3 meshes:
• light 2 team
• light 8 team

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