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Temple Of Doom  v 1.0                                                                                          03-24-2000
Requires Myth 2 v 1.3

Greetings from Cybertron.

This file is 6.9 mb when uncompressed.

Get the 1.3 patch from http://www.bungie.net/

To play this map, drop it in your plugins folder, and go to multi player selection at the start up menu in myth 2.

This is a Multi-Player map. It has the same units as in Bad Lands except I changed the ghols for spiders. Ghols are more fun since they can throw things.
It has 4 starting positions and offerers the fallowing game types.

Body Count
Steal The Bacon
Last Man On The Hill
Capture The Flag
King Of The Hill

Nothing can prepare you. Once you enter the Temple you will see what has happen to those who came before you.

Special note for game types.

In Assassins the assassin is a Dwarven Mortar. (So watch your little dwarf)
In Hunting the hunted creatures are pigs.

Report bugs, or send any comments or requests to mightydesign@earthlink.net .

Have Fun !
Shockwave (PRED) "theape" "Hail Megatron (PRED)!"

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