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Tally Ho! version 1.2 

Map by AvenueM -MR-

Date of completion 2/9/00

This is my third try at this map, and hopefully it is the best. The very first one was utter trash and I shouldn't have released it like it was, yet it was a long and grueling learning process for me and map making and version one was my first map. I know a little more about fear and loathing now and hope that it shows with this map. In this version, I have removed all the dead bodies, guts, and meat which in itself has been a big improvement. I also smoothed the edges of the trenches and made the map larger(size of american soil) and I hope it isnt too big. Another big change, which many might not notice because it doesnt affect game play to much, is the terrain and passablity. Since it is raing on this version, I didn't want incen nades to start fires, so I treated the whole map with some sort of non-flammable surface. In other words, there is fire, it just doesn't spread. With the whole Tally Ho idea I wanted to mess around with the mechanics of nade throw. I admit this map may seem to just overly complicate throwing nades and it is somewhat different. For example, one may think that a nade can't be thrown while in a trench, and that is somewhat true. But, I made most of the trenches wide enough so that if you move to the far side of the trench and in some cases stand a little on the opposite slope of the one your pitching over, then it is possible to throw a nade out of a trench and avoid enemy fire. The trenches are there for your protection and not your hindrance, so make friends with them, get to know them.=)

I would like to thank Santa's Head for creating the fantastic wwII units, because of which I have had many hours of entertainment. Thanks Craig. Long live recon!!!

tags are Craig Goodman, 1999
map is Bungie, 1998

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