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                                    Tallow Falls                 Readme.

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.
Created with Bungies Fear and Loathing by Snakebellywagonrut, dropfrommyfinger@home.net

I want to thank the Muirthemne Militia for all the help, ideas, patience and testing.
Creation for Clem and Somas textures and Popes sceenery. and all the great tutors.
Badlands for the intermittent rain.

This archive contains two meshes,
- Triumph in Tallow Falls, a six start with mixed units.
- Revenge in Tallow Ruins a two start with dark units.
All game-types except scaveneger, are supported.
The maps feature my first attempt at making a waterfall.
On the six start, a small rampart for each teams ctf. flag.

hope you enjoy

Snakebellywagonrut of the Muirthemne Militia.

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