; Mythgraveyard

A Map By Sandman (sandmanmaps.cjb.net)

Nestled in the lower clefts of the Cloudspine, the winds
have carved this place as a carpenter does his wood...
Grassy knols rise from the rocky earth, and a gurgling
stream provides its beauty to passers by...

Talath Dirnen, my first map, features five starting
locations, three mesh varients, and a beautiful mountain
world to do battle in.

Mesh Varients:

2/4 Dwarves
4/8 Bowmen
4/8 Warriors
8/16 Thrall
1/2 Journeyman
1/4 Wights
4/8 Ghols
Garrick (Assassin)

2/4 Fetch
8/16 Soulless
4/8 Berserks
8/16 Myrmidons
1/2 Trow
1/4 Wights
Baron (Assassin)

2/4 Journeyman
6/8 Wights
4/6 Dwarves
20/30 Thrall
TFL Dwarven Pathfinder (Assassin/Legendary)

Great thanks to Iron Duke for his Myrmidon unit and
True Peril, Alric Stormking, Discordia, and TJ for
their beta-testing and input.

Copyright in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.
Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing.

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