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This is my second Dorfball map release and possibly my last. There are four starts on this
map, the first ever Dorfball map to have more than two. I had to modify the offside scripting
but it wasnt very difficult. Feel free to use my scripts for other four(or more) start
Dorfball maps. With the ammount of Dwarves and start spots this is hard for only four people
without teaming up. I suggest eight players for a really good game and sixteen would be awesome
:). I've also added two special spectators who will watch over your games, Enjoy! :-)

P.S. Balls sometimes can be put out of play very easily on this so play nice! Also there isnt
a whole lot of room to set up the ball dispensers on this map so sometimes the balls will land
where you cant pick them up.

P.P.S. You cant play this map without the Dorfball_Tagset_v1 in your plugins folder.

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