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The Seventh Godblighter Preview Pack Version 1.0

To make this work, simply place the TSG 1.3 from their .zip file into your plugins. Replacing the old one by moving it and placing it somewhere that you can remember and that is safe. Then place the TSGodblighter Preview Pack v1.0 included with this .zip and place it into the plugins folder as well.

Enjoy the plugin, do take note that art and story script for the pregames are not done. So you will not see any new pregame backgrounds or corner pictures. In fact, no sounds either. This is a preview pack, and a beta at that too. Constructive comments are very well appreciated (and wanted) and can be sent to trueperil@renaissancegames.com. Or post at the forum @ http://www.network54.com/Hide/Forum/229120

Created in whole by Teepens and TJ for Bungie's game Myth II and Creation's 3rd party plugin, The Seventh God.

Thanks to Creation for allowing us permission to use and tamper with TSG tags. And many thanks to TJ for the countless things he's done for this project (art, cmaps, continous testing).


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