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=======TFL Physics Pluginv2========
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:::: Table of Contents

:::: 1. Intro
:::: 2. Fixes from 1.0
:::: 3. Features
:::: 4. Drawbacks
:::: 5. Hints
:::: 6. Last Words
:::: 7. Credits
:::: 8. Legal
:::: Intro

Well you might be asking, why would I make a plugin based on the Myth:TFL physics, aren't they old and don't they suck? Heh, well according to many great mythers I know out there in bungie.net, Myth:TFL physics were better than M2s. Don't get me wrong, M2 has much better graphics and has a much better interface then M1 will ever get. However, what I have to say about that, sums up on what Sandman said:

"You know, Myth TFL isn't all that bad. The engine still has some great legs under it and sure, I agree, in comparison to Myth 2 the engine isn't very smooth and the sprite animation is jerky. But Myth TFL had those really fun physics and feel, plus the fact that the engine had far less lag in net games."

Also another thing which really eats at me about m2 is the clumping. Clumping with melee in the real world is no way to win battle back in the old times, not to mention it is impossible to even try such a thing in the real world showing on how badly it is done in M2. Really, Bungie or Take2, whoever can now patch M2, should really look into clumping and see how much better it would be to have melee fights back as it was in m1. But probably to Bungie and Take 2 now, the way they see it is "if it works don't fix it". Another thing is that bowmen's accuracy is unrealistic in way that they are too accurate, same with Soulless. Also, dwarfs are too much of a do or die unit in M2 and I think they are a little too good, yet it is great they are good enough to be used a lot more then they use to in m1. I mean look what the Project Magma guys did, they nearly brought every M2 multi map into M1's engine because they thought M1 physics were better and the lag was not so bad as it was on m2, so they say. Although this plugin can't fix the lag , it sure does bring back TFL incredable physics to M2 and a hell of a lot more!

:::: Fixes from 1.0

I really screwed up when adding the new deaths on how badly it could effect your plugin public wise and space wise, I don't like making updates on something that already has been released but the problem was so simple I wanted to fix it , leading the TFL Plug to 657k from 4 megs...incredable indeed. Although, there will be no new deaths for any of the units, it was well worth it space wise and now anyone can dled this plugin, nice and easy. Another thing you can see is that there is a name changed from "TFL Units Plugin" to "TFL Physics Plugin", because it was to stop confusing people that their is no specific TFL Units in the plugin. Demo. clearly pointed out that their is no TFL Units in this plugin and that's because I wanted to keep M2 as it was but to have that touch of M:TFL physics in it. If you do want those TFL Units , you can go make yer own, isn't that hard. ;) I give a great thanks to Demo who spotted this 3vil problem.

:::: Features

Alright, so you want to get to the details on what this plugin has to offer huh? Well here we go:

1.All melee units pathfinding has been upgraded around to .400 , meaning that there will be no such thing as clumping in this plugin and it will make melee battles look a lot cooler not to mention realistic.

2. Archers, Soulless, Bre'nor are all less accurate then they use to be but can still be very lethal once turned into vets or are in big numbers and this also makes Myth more realistic.

3. Dwarfs are not as great as they use to be in M2 but they are not as bad as they were in TFL so you must be more careful when using them.

4. Satchel charges now pound the earth below giving it a much better effect like it was in TFL.

5. All string lists / descriptions from every unit that was in Myth:TFL has been added with M2 string lists/descriptions.

6. Some of M:TFL interface has been added into M2 to give that M:TFL feel and which looks a lot better then it use to in M:TFL .

7. Dwarf bottles are now more bouncy like once again and carpeting works again.

8. The old TFL wight hit sounds are now back into m2.

9. Thrall now have their old death animation back which looks real cool!

Ok! That's the list of changes that were made to make it more TFL like but that's not all! There is brand new features that are in this plugin, here they are:

1. Warrior, Bowman, Berserks, Heron Gaurds have new dead body sequences. (NO MORE IN 2.0)
2. Fetch when firing shows bolts and sparks when they hit the ground or enemies.
3. Satchel charges when exploding now show smoke being blown out .
4. Berserks have new attack sequences.
5. Brigands have a new attack squence.
6. Krids have a new attack sequence.
7. Myrk Giants have a new throwing sequence.
8. Dwarfs can now use their dagger, it is used the same way as bowmen use them.
9. Dwarf Mortors can now hit there enemies the same way bowmen use their daggers.
10. Stygian Knight now have full body deaths, REAL cool! (NO MORE IN 2.0)
11. Blood looks better.

Total revised/new additions: 18

I highly recommend getting some great FFA/Team/Coop games with all these new and revised features, It's a much better game with these features in my opinion.

:::: Drawbacks

Ah yes, their is a couple drawbacks that are in this plugin, yet they are very small but hey I'll admit them!

1. During the start of the game you will probably have what we call "traffic jams", meaning that your units will have a harder time passing each other. Example: Warriors trying to get by a pack of thrall won't be as easy as it was in m2.

2. Stuck units..., this RARLY happens but I have noticed it, sometimes having your units too tight can cause them to literally connect to each other which looks like they have been glued together. Funny thing is if you want to get them out of a mess like that, you have to kill off one of them yourself and hopefully hitting the scatter button will seperate them.

:::: Hints


:::: Last Words

Well, if you don't agree with everything I said in the intro, you have every right to. Personally, this plugin shows what I really wanted Myth 2: Soulblighter to be like and I'd bet many people would agree with me. Thanks for downloading and Enjoy it!

:::: Credits

Design, Fear, Unit Amber tag work: BadThrall
Plugin Pregame Graphic: Clem
Documentation: BadThrall
Special Thanks To: Clem, and my beta testers --> DrunkBob, modest, longshadow, LL

Made with Bungie's Fear, Vista's Amber, Lucena Systems Bart—k, and Adobe Photoshop.

:::: Legal

Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Creation. http://www.creationgames.com

email: BadThrall fumble@lycos.com

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