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Ah good 'ole I'll Dance on Your Grave, considered by many to be one of the greatest Myth netmaps of all time. It defined what a "Light" mesh was, and led the way for Gimble in the Wabe, and such great 3rd party maps as Tallow Abbey and To Kill a Mockingbird. Sure, Myth 2 has Fall on Your Grave, but it just isnt the same, am I right?

How many of us can remember the first time they got the middle starting location in a game of grave lmoth? "Oh crap!!" Or the first time they got carpet bombed on Spiderweb? "WTF?" Ah memorys...

Well anyway, you can have that kinda fun again! I know I know, there have been ports of Grave before, but they were of substandard quality, and just didnt capture the TFL feel. Well cry no more tfl-philes, this port has it all! The physics, sounds, collections, even the interface from TFL has all been ported. We could just leave it at that, but we wanted to go a step further. My good friend and map-mate Giant has given the Grave colormap a face lift, updating the water, shadows, ect. with new textures, giving it a more realistic look. All in all, I don't think you'll be dissapointed:)

Ok so heres a rundown of the features.

-Totaly redone colormap.
-Accurate TFL physics, including the blood, thrall deaths, arrows, and dwarf bottles. Can you say "Carpetbombing" anyone? :)
-Ported flavor text for all units.
-Ported collections for fir'Bolg, Mayor(the new assassin target), and Dwarf.
-Ported sounds, including netgame sounds, wight hit sounds, da works.
-Ported interface(much cooler then the M2 interface in my opinion).
-A new third mesh, "I'll Dance on Your Molotov". Dwarf riot baybee, yeah!

All that and a bag o' chips, in a tiny 3.9 meg package.
[bag o' chips not included]

Who made this thing:
Demosthenes(Caleb Hutchins) ohutchins@mcn.net - Loathing and Fear work.
Giant(Scott Malenson) smelanso@milehigh.net - Colormap Facelift and Pregame art.
Also check out our website at www.personal.milehigh.net/smelanso

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