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Created By The Sandman (iansampson@home.com)

Remember how cool some of those old TFL units were? Remember how dissapointed you were when you found out that they weren't included in Myth II? Worry no more! This plugin brings back three great units from TFL, two of which are remodelled. It also includes old TFL physics and interface. Here's a basic listing of what you get with this plugin:

FOREST GIANTS - These guys are awesome. They smash the enemy to pieces by slapping them. They have been completely remodelled Mormith. In this plugin, they replace Myrkridian Giants and Myrkridian Giant Throwers.

MYRMIDONS - Great thanks to Nekricide for bringing these back into Myth II. Although they are not remodelled, they're still fun. They replace Brigands and Myrkridia.

FIR'BOLG - Although not very accurate and not equipt with flaming arrows, these help to add to the TFL feel. They replace Bowmen. Great thanks to GodzFire for extracting this unit from Chimera.

OLD FLAVOR TEXTS - all of the units common in both Myth TFL and Myth II have all of their old flavor texts added to their new ones, giving a much greater variety.

TFL PHSYICS - From BadThrall's plugin, downloadable from the Mill. Most of the physics and back to how they were in TFL, with a few new features.

That's about it for what you get. Please e-mail me any suggestions you might have - thesandman@sandmangames.com.


Great thanks to Nekricide for porting the Myrmidons, Mormith for creating the remodelled Forest Giant, and BadThrall for the TFL Physics plugin. I would also like to thank Matt for helping me test this in its early stages.

"Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Corperation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: The Sandman, thesandman@sandmangames.com."

The Sandman

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