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The Fortress of Doom Final
Stuff i borrowed:

mesh,7troll(TSG-Creation) / troll doud(Sister of the Blades-Giant/Creation) / oni(Bushido-Creation) / gorash(LoGa-Creation) / Bonucar(HomelandII-Creation) / Perrin(Emonds Field-ROAD) / Orcs(Tarous Zar) / Agarlocx(Dreamseedz-TMBM) / Catapult,Balista(Reanimator/Hexographica) / Boneman(Chimera-Bungie/Badlands) / Forest Giant(Myth TFL-Bungie) / Goblin(Cript of Ariana-Lorgath/Demosthenes) / Myrmidon(Iron Duke) / Iron Trow(Mazzarin Demise 6-Zeph) / Ultima Beast(Wight falls-Aiden Bordner) / Sitting God(Myth TFL-Bungie). My special thanks to all tagmakers for the hard and awesome work realized on the tagsets i've used on this plug. The gathering is a result of a hard and intensive research, witch has the objetive of adding more fun to the myth community. These tags are what i consider to be the best selection among many other
good productions out there.
Beta Testers:

ZOSO, Retch, Fury, DC's, Storm Bringer, Timmah Jr, Powerup and some others i cant remember right now, which i appreciate imensally for the spare time and help.Thanks a lot!=========================================================================

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