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Readme: This file
SwordInDesert: The plugin. Stick it in your plugin folder!
Start Myth2 and shift-click new game. Start level
called "SwordInDesert"

This SOLO map is going to be in a 4-6 mesh campaign I'm making.
So why did I send it in the Mill already..?

Well, when I had created 3 meshes and 2 colormaps I started thinking:
"Are these levels straight from *** ? Am I only making those maps for a handful of people who play those levels only once and rate them 1 and delete them from their pc\mac as soon as possible..?"

So here is what I mean..
It is hard to say yourself what is wrong with your map.. that is why there are beta- testers.. But my friends hate Myth (weird!) so..
if this map gets rated something like 3 or so, I might finish the campaingn. But if it gets rated 2.5 or below, I hardly will ever finish it.
Notice, that this level is yet a bit unfinished.. v0.8

Thank you for downloading this level.
Color map is made with Photoshop5.

E-mail: temekv@hotmail.com
Please, do send me some feedback.

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