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-- Super Character Pack --


Thank you for downloading this character package. Contained here are 7 of my modified original characters that I hope you will have lots of fun with. Don't worry, they won't interfere with your regular characters. They all have their own string lists and other special attributes. Some of these were in the map BattleShips, but here are also some that weren't. As an extra, look at the flavors of each one, as some are quite interesting. Plus, they sometimes give hints about that character. Here, I'll explain the abilities of each one. Oh, important note: if you play BattleShips or any other plug-in that has these characters in it, you should take your local folder out before you play to avoid the "Out-of-Sync" error. Also, feel free to use these in any map of your own if you want to.

INSTALLATION (if you don't already know)
Take the contents of each folder in the "Characters" folder, and put them in their corresponding folders in your "local" folder. If, in your "local" folder, you do not see a corresponding folder (example: "monsters", "units", etc.) then simply place the folders in your "local" folder. Okay, I've said "folder" too many times now.


Guardian (stygian knight) - A golden robotic fighter
[recommended amount: you should have 4-8 to be really effective]
ATTACK 1 - axe slash
a normal attack
ATTACK 2 - throw
guardians can pick up miscellaneous objects and throw them far
a fierce plasma shot that can destroy almost any foe in one hit (uses ammo: broken soulless javelins)

Mortar (cannon) - A mobile destruction gun
[recommended amount: as many as you want]
ATTACK - mortar shot
fires a mortar round for long distance destruction (uses ammo: dwarf mortar round duds)
the mortar can be equipped with small objects to fire at a long distance

Rogue (bowman) - An extremely fast thief that is better with the dagger than the bow [recommended amount: you should have about 2-6 of them]
ATTACK 1 - quick stab
normal attack
ATTACK 2 - arrow
the secondary attack (double-click on target); a normal arrow attack
SPECIAL ATTACK - Explosive Arrow
the name explains it all (uses ammo: dwarf satchel charge)

Paladin (brigand) - A holy crusader fighting for justice
[recommended amount: these guys are pretty strong, have about 2-3]
ATTACK - sword slash
a fairly fast sword attack
a long distance bolt of flames

Giant Dwarf (dwarf) - A giant boulder-hurlin' dwarf
[recommended amount: their boulders are strong, have about 1-2]
ATTACK - Rock Throw
throws a huge boulder causing heavy damage
refreshes allies with medicine made from explosive elements (uses ammo: dwarf satchel charge)

Dwarf Farmer (dwarf) - The dwarves country cousin that uses his produce as a weapon (one of my favorites) [recommended amount: the barrel doesn't cause a huge blast radius, but overall the dwarf farmer is very powerful, have only 1]
ATTACK 1 - Barrel Toss
hurls a barrel of explosive pickles
ATTACK 2 - Dwarf Punch
the rural dwarves can punch, close range secondary attack (double-click enemy to use)

Nuclear Dwarf (mortar dwarf) - A surly, radioactive dwarf (this first character I ever edited)
[recommended amount: the nuclear bomb is extremely powerful, have only one nuclear dwarf]
ATTACK - Nuclear Bomb
shoots a glowing green bomb that causes major destruction within it's radius

If there is any similarity to these characters and ones that have already been created, I can assure you, it was completely coincidential. These were all created without any influence of another modified character.
- Brent McDonald

Copyright 2001 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing under Mac OS 9.1

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