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Put the successive wars 1.0 file in your plugins folder inside your myth II folder.

Thanks for downloading the successive wars. It is 100 years after the demise of soulblighter and time has dome some very strange things to the creatures and people in the land. The dwarfs are just a little more twisted, the trow are just a little more awe inspiring and the heron guards are just a little more bad ass. There is much much more than this but you'll just have to see it for your-self! Even some of thier names and stories have changed. I tried to make it way more fun for online single player with friends. I was going to totally redo every unit but it is very straining process and redid most good units and only a few evil ones. So here it is the errrrr..... long awaited greatly wonderfull Successive Wars plugin!!!!!! If anyone out there wants to seriously take on this plugin and finish it just email me at c0n@crapmail.com(as in c zero n@crapmail.com. alot of people mess it up). It would be great to see what you could do with it!

Thanks again.

If u wanna play a game or if you just have some good comments email me!!! err some of the units are just messed up though. dont use the dwarf special. it does nuttn but an amusing suicide. the warrior special is just totally messed up. Check it out!!

Legal shiznot
This plugin was made using Fear, an application of Bungie
Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear.

Special thanks goes to lothar_koa_leader who made funky units plugin and helped me with some units. If you havent downloaded his plugin go and do it!!! His really showed me what fun you could have with unit tinkering.

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