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This in no way is suppose to be related to the Stone of Farewell Seris by Tad Williams, exepect for the actual map layout. I have tried to recreate the image from my mind but that is all. If you would like to make maps/plugins on the MS&T books go ahead be my guest, i actually want you to make something better. I have taken the first step in creating this map, i hope this will spark some intrest in those lazy bishes and you guys will create a huge epic of maps:)

Saying that, this map is phun mb:P....theres a whole new twist to it...and remember that there is 2 ways of getting onto the mountain.

The main modified unit is the Warrior. I made it so that he is a bit stronger and can block more shots, so he can take on 2-3 thrall at one time. He be a crazy mofo that i always wanted to see in myth. Cause personally i like the Warriors, espically when theres a huge melee battle that lasts pretty long.

Well dats pretty much it...Have FUn and Enjoy

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