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"StoneHeart RDF!!" v4.3 ~ by Baak

Original Map (C)2001 GimpMask - Used with permission.
Changes (C)2003-4 Baak'lor Studios (Wayne Alan Crosby). All Rights Reserved.
Last Updated: 2004/04/29



I apologize in advance for the LONG readme. The reason for it is because I put
SO MUCH into this map that I wanted to be sure to let you know what it all is!
(I plan to make another readme for the public release btw)

There's much more here than just light/dark/slug maps. One includes INVISIBLE
units (Pfinder), one is perfect for Rocket Dorf Fest or Flare Dorf slugfest
matches (Arena), and one which you've never seen anything like before: "Cage",
designed ESPECIALLY for use with those big bad RDF GIANTS or Flare Dorfs!! :D

* Each map is adjustable for units via the Difficulty Level
* Legendary adds fences around the center area (like the pregame image)
* I've added randomly launched Bacon/Captures balls at the start of the game
(using my Patent-Pending Ball Scramblers)!
* I've added some really fun stuff like an unowned Capture the Flag flag and
Balls on Parade ball in the center!
* And I've included one of the FUNNEST Hunting games ever!! :D

Seriously, if I was stuck on a desert island and I could have only one Myth II
map (plus Rocket Dorf Fest!! and Flare Dorfs), then this might be my choice. ;)

You really should read it to get the most from StoneHeart RDF - I promise it
will be well worth your time! Of course you are welcome to just dive right in
and then refer back to this, but I suggest if you want to play "Cage" you
should read up on it first... :)



"Return to StoneHeart" by GimpMask is one of our favorite maps. I even made a
special "Pathfinder Mini" in "Rocket Dorf Fest!!" *just* for the Pfinder map!

After a *really fun* Match on May 9th where we played a 2 minute game (OMG!)
using *just* two Pathfinder Minis each on LMOTH, I started thinking...

Wouldn't it be cool to have a 3+ Pathfinder map? Dang I wish we could have a
few Mondos in there too if we wanted. OMG - Giants would be *fun* too! :D

And so...

I spent Saturday night and Sunday night delving into Loathing, Fear, and even
Photoshop to do some necessary tweaking on the inner maze. Then I started in
on the outside area, opening it up and removing lots of trees. Then I figured
out the best units for the map. Then I... Well, you get the idea! ;)

After play-testing with the Order of H'Pak, it was a unanimous success! With
that encouragement I decided to *really* tighten the map up and add everything
else I thought would be fun to play. This took several versions as I kept
getting these really great ideas and kept wondering if I could pull it off! ;)

I then got permission from GimpMask to use his original color map and post this
mod for the Myth Community to enjoy! Thanks, GimpMask! :D

It's been several months since that first version: literally HUNDREDS of hours
and more than 200 (!!) games later.

Here is the result which I hope you enjoy playing as much as we do! :D

"StoneHeart RDF!!" is dedicated to:

The Order of H'Pak Members and "Rocket Dorf Fest!!" Fans *EVERYWHERE*! :)

Enjoy!! :D


Here is a list of all the changes I've made and the goodness I've added
for your enjoyment:


* StoneHeart RDF!! now contains *12 completely new maps!!* :D

There are four different map types in 2-Team, FFA-4, and FFA-8 versions
("Cage" has a FFA-3 and FFA-6):

StoneHeart RDF 'Pfinder' - 2-Team, FFA-4 & FFA-8
StoneHeart RDF 'Light' - 2-Team, FFA-4 & FFA-8
StoneHeart RDF 'Arena' - 2-Team, FFA-4 & FFA-8
StoneHeart RDF 'Cage' - FFA-3 & FFA-6
StoneHeart RDF 'Cage II' - FFA-6


Because the map is fairly small, I opted to make two different variants
for FFA on all the maps (e.g FFA-4 and FFA-8) as well as the bigger
2-Team variants. This way if you have 4 or fewer players you can
play on the FFA-4 maps without running into each other too quickly!
Trust me, we've played this map a LOT and this is a GOOD thing! ;)

Note v4.1+:

Fence Posts around center area now appear only on Legendary Difficulty.
This makes for even MORE variety, but also it is recommended NOT to
play RDF Deathmatch games with the fence posts (there is some kind of
Myth-Engine-Overload bug that will cause units to stop respawning at
their starts but you'll see dead *fence posts* start to respawn instead!)


"Pfinder" gives you 4 INVISIBLE Pathfinders (this is the only specific
unit carried over from the original map and makes for one SWEET game)!

This is GREAT to play LMOTH 5 minute games on! With RDF you should try
"M+M Madness!" on Heroic or Legendary for ONE REALLY FUN GAME!! :D


"Light" is roughly the same as the Pathfinders map but doesn't include the
Pathfinders - great for all-purpose play - but *man* is it fun to play with
those INVISIBLE Pathfinders! It is ADDICTIVE!! ;)


"Arena" is especially designed for Rocket Dorf Fest!! or Flare Dorfs. You
get 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 Dorfs *only*, allowing for *intense* Assassin or
other games. The Assassin unit is now flexible so you can have any type of
RD by changing the RDF Unit Set, not just Giants!! (Mini Assassin anyone?)


"Cage" was inspired by a new game type devised by Queso ~OoH~ that we
played in the wee hours of the night and just couldn't stop! :D

The idea was to play Arena with 3 Giants (Normal Diff on "Giant Madness!")
and keep 2 in the maze with 1 outside. You couldn't bring the outside unit
in until the last couple of minutes or if your other units were dead.

I ended up scripting a slight twist to this that we *really* like:

* All Players start INSIDE the maze - and CANNOT leave the maze!! :D

* At 3:30 remaining, all Players get REINFORCEMENTS from
OUTSIDE the maze - on the *opposite* side of their start! :D

* At 3:00 remaining, THE CAGE OPENS!!! :D

You can have from 1 to 6 units INSIDE with 1 to 3 REINFORCEMENTS depending
on the Difficulty Setting (see "EXTENSIVE UNIT OPTIONS" below)

NOTE: "Cage" is MUCH MORE FUN when played with RDF Giants or Flare Dorfs!!
This is what it is DESIGNED for!! :D It's "Giants in a Blender!" :D

"Cage II" is a slight variant of "Cage":

* There are "Inner Gates" sectioning off areas (but not center)

* Initial RDF OMT is now approximately 20 to 40 seconds instead of 20

* When OMT sounds, the "Inner Gates" disappear! ;)

* REINFORCEMENTS come at 4:30 remaining instead of 3:30 remaining

* The CAGE opens at 4:00 instead of 3:00


I made the units on the maps so that they would be fun to play even
*without* RDF on! But the Arena/Cage maps are *definitely* designed for
use with RDF, taking advantage of the extremely flexible RDF Unit Sets -
and play them with Flare Dorfs, which are also TONS of fun!! :D

The starting positions were *meticulously* measured to ensure that each
start has equal spacing and distance from the center (this is "as the crow
flies" and doesn't take into account actual maze-negotiating distance).

The starting positions are also rotated slightly on the map so they are
not "straight on" anywhere you start but are equi-distant from each other.

This was tricky due to the fact that I wanted to preserve the existing
terrain features such as ponds and steep spots (with just a few changes),
and I wanted enough distance back from the maze to make an interesting
"outside" game as well as give space for CTF and BoP. I got it to work! :)



* Game Types: I added ALL THESE GOODIES! OMG!! :D

* Assassin! Oh yeah. RDF Assassin ROCKS!! Giants vs. Giants, Baby!! ;)

* Territories is modified to make it *much* more interesting! :)

* Captures! 7 balls (3 of which get Scrambled at the start! see below)

* Stampede! Your Flags on Opposite Side between a Start and Fortress!
(Stampede! Units are 7 fast pigs (T-Ghol Minis in RDF 4.0))!

* Steal the Bacon! SWEEEET! The Bacon gets Scrambled at the start too! :D

* King of the Ball! Dang, is life good or what? ;) (Flag on Team games)

You *also* get:

* Capture the Flag - with a twist: one unowned flag in the center! :D

And on all non-Arena/Cage maps you get:

* Balls on Parade - with a twist: one unowned ball in the center! :D

On every map but "Cage", you *also* get what may be the funnest Hunting
game you've ever played! LOL!! :D

Again, this is primarily meant for Rocket Dorf Fest units (Minis, Mondos
- heck, they're *all* fun on this one!) - but should work without as well.

The hunting units are a homage to the best secret level ever in the arcade
game "Marble Madness" played with Two Saks ~OoH~ back in the day, and were
*meticulously* tweaked for a fun and challenging game! They're pretty fast
for non-RDF units though - they scatter like rats! ;)

You *gotta* try it just to hear their little cries for help! :D

[NOTE: Playing the Hunting game with RDF Giants is CREEPY FUN!! Ghols too!]


* *ALL* maps now SCRAMBLE BALLS on Captures and Steal the Bacon!! :D

I've wanted to do this for a LONG time and got it to work just the way I
wanted it to. Scrambled Balls are launched a random distance in a random
direction at the start of the game to mix things up a bit! Sometimes they
stay close to the original spot - sometimes not! Sometimes they end up on
*top* of a Wall - sometimes right in your lap! :)

Steal the Bacon is now "Scrambled Bacon" at last!! :D

3 of the 4 Captures balls get Scrambled at the start and the other 4 are
"encased" in fence posts (on Legendary) that can be blown up (risking ball
movement) or hacked away! Cool! :D

Stampede, Flag Rally and KOB also have additional "fences" made of the
same fence posts (again, on Legendary only) to add another challenge!
Hack or blast them away! :D

(v4.1+ - For the 2-Team maps, any center ball is NOT scrambled)


* And as if all this isn't enough, I've added a *TON* of unit options!! :D

NOTE: For the 2-Team games, you get *three times as many units* (except
for Stampede units) with the same Difficulty Setting options. For
the 2-Team "Arena" you get double units.

I've listed the regular units and their RDF counterparts are in ()'s - in
fact, with all the RDF Unit Sets, I have no idea how many different setups
you can actually play with - it's INSANE!:

On "Pfinder" you get the following depending on the Difficulty Setting
(the higher the Difficulty Setting, the more units you get):

Diff Set: You get:
--------- --------

Timid+ 1 Warlock Hero Assassin Target (Giant)
4 Invisible Pathfinders* (Mini Pathfinders* in RDF)

Simple+ Add 2 Dorfs (RD's)

Normal+ Add 4 Flame Archers (Minis/Mondos)
Add 2 Ghols (T-Ghols)
Add 2 Pus Packets

Heroic+ Add 4 Warriors (T-Ghols)

Legendary Add 2 Flame Archers (Minis/Mondos)
Add 2 Heron Guards (Kaph Herons)

* - Invisible Pathfinders are a stroke of genius on this map and are the
one unit that gets carried over from the original map. These guys *stay*
invisible until they "do something": Throw Bottle, Drop Satchel, Get Hit,
Stand too close to someone else!

Once you play with these guys you will be *forever hooked*!! What's even
funnier is playing with *just* these guys! Sounds *CRAZY* at first but is
*SO MUCH FUN!!!* Especially LMOTH!!! Just make it a short game! 5 Min or
less - four or more players is also recommended. It's SUCH A BLAST!!! :D

With RDF v4.0 I made it work so that not only are the Pathfinders turned
into Mini Pathfinders, but will turn into the "dominant" Rocket Dorf unit
of the unit set used! This means you get INVISIBLE GIANTS when you play
the Pfinder map with "Giant Madness!" - OMG IS THIS FUN!! Play Captures
and use my "Huge Balls" (from "Baak's Balls o' Fun" plugin)!! :D

On "Light" you get the following depending on the Difficulty Setting
(the higher the Difficulty Setting, the more units you get):

Diff Set: You get:
--------- --------

Timid+ 1 Warlock Hero Assassin Target (Giant)
2 Dorfs (RD's)

Simple+ Add 4 Flame Archers (Minis/Mondos)

Normal+ Add 2 Ghols (T-Ghols)
Add 2 Pus Packets

Heroic+ Add 4 Warriors (T-Ghols)

Legendary Add 2 Flame Archers (Minis/Mondos)
Add 2 Heron Guards (Kaph Herons)

On "Arena" you get Dwarves as targets for Assassin or as regular units on
all other game types. This is designed with RDF in mind because with the
RDF Unit Sets you can convert these Dwarves into *any* RD unit (Giant, RD,
Mondo, Mini) by changing the Unit Set! *And* based on the Difficulty you
can have 1 to 6 units (*great* for TEAM games) - OMG!!

For example: RDF Tagset + (Giant) gives you Giants - play Assassin and set
the Difficulty for the number of targets each player gets!

Diff Set: You get:
--------- --------

Timid 1 Dorf (RD, Giant, Mini, Mondo depending on Unit Set!)
Simple 2 Dorfs (RD, Giant, Mini, Mondo depending on Unit Set!)
Normal 3 Dorfs (RD, Giant, Mini, Mondo depending on Unit Set!)
Heroic 4 Dorfs (RD, Giant, Mini, Mondo depending on Unit Set!)
Legendary 6 Dorfs (RD, Giant, Mini, Mondo depending on Unit Set!)

On "Cage" all Players start INSIDE the maze and the exits are BLOCKED!
At 3:30 remaining, all Players get reinforcements from OUTSIDE the maze on
the *opposite* side of the map! We've discovered that the best game using
RDF Giants is 6 or 7 minutes! NOTE: When playing Cage you are NOT ALLOWED

Units as follows:

Diff Set: You get:
--------- --------

Timid 1 Dorf INSIDE (RD, Giant, Mini, Mondo depending on Unit Set!)
1 Dorf OUTSIDE (RD, Giant, Mini, Mondo depending on Unit Set!)

Simple 2 Dorfs INSIDE (RD, Giant, Mini, Mondo depending on Unit Set!)
2 Dorfs OUTSIDE (RD, Giant, Mini, Mondo depending on Unit Set!)

Normal 3 Dorfs INSIDE (RD, Giant, Mini, Mondo depending on Unit Set!)
2 Dorfs OUTSIDE (RD, Giant, Mini, Mondo depending on Unit Set!)

Heroic 4 Dorfs INSIDE (RD, Giant, Mini, Mondo depending on Unit Set!)
2 Dorfs OUTSIDE (RD, Giant, Mini, Mondo depending on Unit Set!)

Legendary 6 Dorfs INSIDE (RD, Giant, Mini, Mondo depending on Unit Set!)
3 Dorfs OUTSIDE (RD, Giant, Mini, Mondo depending on Unit Set!)

In other words: 1+1, 2+2, 3+2, 4+2, 6+3

I made the scripting of "Cage" so that you get your REINFORCEMENTS
*even if all your INSIDE units are killed before 3:30 remaining!!* :D

The only Game Types on Cage are: Body Count, LMOTH, Territories, Flag
Rally, and Assassin! Oh man, Assassin is SWEET!! :D

[NOTE: Flag Rally and Terries can be won if you kill off everyone else
before the reinforcements arrive]

[Special thanks to GHOST for fixing a funky bug in my original scripting
that refused to work on FFA-6 but worked on the others!]


* Lastly, I also added a very cool feature: an *AUTOMATIC* "RDF Truce OFF"
alarm sound! It's triggered at a random time between 0:40 and 0:50 after
PT is over (just for a little extra variety). There's even an extra text
message in case you miss the alarm - which I don't think you can! ;)

(I got the idea for this from the Fetchball "opening kickoff" and GHOST's
excellent Paintball map! :D )

This "Truce OFF" siren is also meant for Minis and Mondos, so no one needs
wonder if there is a Truce or when it's over! Yay!

*As soon as you hear the siren you can fire!!* :D

Due to the confined space, on "Cage" the OMT Expires ~20 seconds after PT
is over. To be fair you should NOT engage in ANY combat until you hear the
Siren Blast! :D


* The walls near the center where the sunken areas were located have been
tweaked to make *two new entrances* to the center. This creates a nice
balanced *eight* ways to the center instead of six.

The East and West entrances no longer have a straight path to the center:
the middle arch has been removed and there is a wider opening off to the
side. This is balanced to make the three openings on the way to the center
progressively narrower. :)

Several variations on the maze were done over several versions. This final
version includes "breakaway" walls and a layout that tends to "even out"
the various starting positions - even in "Cage". This took a LOT of work
to try/test/play, but the final payoff is just too sweet! ;)

All of these changes make for much more interesting play, especially with
Rocket Dorf Fest!! - and as per my usual standards, changes are only made
that *enhance* the game somehow. :)

* The two "fence-lined" sunken areas on the sides of the map have been
removed completely, opening this area up for *much* easier movement.

* TONS of trees have been removed to open up the area around the maze. This
makes for a completely different game as there is now a much more distinct
"inside" and "outside" to the maze. There are advantages and disadvantages
to being in each area, of course. :)

I also cleaned up a few strange areas around the edge that were marked
impassable where they shouldn't have been. Now you can move around the
edge of the one small pond at the side of the map too. I spent a lot of
time adjusting forests and trees along the edges to make it more playable.

Of course, I added a bunch of Easter Eggs as well... ;)

* The four sides of the maze have now been "marked" in such a way as to
give you a hint of where you are:

* The North side of the map has "Flowers" along the edges.
* The South side of the map has "Bushes" along the edges.
* The West side of the map has "light-colored Barrels" on the way in.
* The East side of the map has "dark-colored Barrels" on the way in.

Flowers and Bushes are destructible, Barrels are not - just in case you
were wondering...

* Oh, and STAND BACK in case you decide to kill the Fisherman... ;)
(He doesn't appear on every game type, but he is on every map!)

This should keep us busy for a little while! OMG!! Is it the weekend YET?!? ;)

Enjoy!! :D

e-mail: baak@orderofhpak.com


Special Thanks to GimpMask for creating the original inspired map and giving
me permission to post my modified version to the public. The original map
(which includes other very interesting maps including a great Assassin game)
is available at The Mill here: http://fileball.net/mill/item.fb?858519241

Additional Special Thanks to GHOST for fail-safing the scripts I created for
"Cage". They refused to work on the 4 and 2-Team maps even though they
were *identical* to the 8-start map! (This was before they became 3 and 6
start maps). Perhaps this was due to the number of players altering the way
the Myth Engine ran the script or something - who knows...

Whatever it was: Thank you, GHOST, for the extra help to tighten them up! :D


This is freeware and comes with no warranty whatsoever. Use at your own risk.
You are free to post this plugin on non-commercial media, but you must include
this unaltered readme file with it at all times.

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