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Stinkies Graveyard v1.0 README

1. Description
2. How to use this plugin
3. Credits
4. Contact
5. Legal info

1. Description
Stinkies graveyard is a multi/solo by Qui-Gon Gandalf, situated in a worn down graveyard. The multiplayer maps feature traditional units, and the model-cramped graveyard will undoubtable cause the body count to grow rapidly. The solo is in traditional TMBM style-wacky and how WE want it. A story involving drunken legion members leads a group of men to defend themselves against horrors beyond their wildest beliefs...undead monsters and ghosts of men long ago killed. There are two multiplayer maps: Stinkies Graveyard, and Graveyard Light. The solo is called "Night of the Living dead."

2. How to use this plugin
Unstuff the "Stinkies Graveyard v1.0" sit file using Aladdin Stuffit expander. This comes with all mac's, but if you're on a PC and don't have it, zip over to www.aladdinsys.com to grab the free program. Take
the "Stinkies Graveyard v1.0" file from the unzipped folder, and place it in your plugin folder. Launch myth, and go to multiplayer to choose one of the multiplayer maps for the map list, or hold down shift and click new game to play the solo, entitled "Night of the Living Dead".
WARNING: Watching the pregame narration with internet related programs open has been known to slow the narration art down and mess with the synching. Doing this is unadvisable.

3. Credits
The graveyard design, colormap, mesh, multi pregame art, and trailer were created by Qui Gon Gandalf. Darth Maul scripted the solo, and tweaked the multiplayer. Joyeuse did fearing. Strangelet did the narration and music. Amadeus did the pregame ambering and postgame art. Tyrant did the solo pregame art. TMBM, Giant, Boar, and Tyrant tested the map. The trailer music was made by Jerry Goldsmith from The Shadow soundtrack, and was used with no intention of receiving profit.

4. Contact
You can contact Darth Maul, TMBM leader at darthmaul@tmbmcentral.net.
You can contact TMBM at tmbm@tmbmcentral.net.
(the TMBM address is generally only used for emails that are intended for the entire group to read together...all other TMBM emails should go to Darth Maul)
You can visit the TMBM website at www.tmbmcentral.net.

5. Legal stuff
Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by They Might Be Mapmakers.
Jerry Goldsmith's music from The Shadow soundtrack was used on the trailer entirely out of respect for him and his music. No profit was gained, or intended to be gained, by the use of his music.


-Darth Maul ~TMBM leader~

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