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Steal the Piggy Readme (v1.1)

This plugin changes the netgame Steal the Bacon ball into a pig. This
is not particularly useful. But it's still entertaining to launch a pig and watch it ricochet like a pinball.


1. This pig will not change color to reflect the team which possesses
control of it.

2. If used on a map with ambient pig life, this plugin will not alter
the snuffling and browsing actions of the pigs. They will be fine.

3. This plugin will not work on some 3rd-party maps (i.e. WWII).
That's life.

4. Included in this plugin are tags to put a Steal the Piggy on your
own maps. If you don't know how to extract the tags, where to place
them, or how to put them on a map, tough cookies. Also, you will give
me (DragonSage, dragonsage@bungie.net) credit for my whole ten minutes of work. It would be also be appreciated if any Berzerk units
appearing on the map were named "Tim Lemur Bane," but this is not

5. There probably aren't many bugs. If you happen to find one, tell me (dragonsage@bungie.net) and I will fix it and release a new version.


Changes since v1.0

1. Pig now makes walking motion when moving

2. Changed Plugin Icon

Changes since v1.1

1. Fixed some team ownership of pigball issues (Myth didn't recognize who had control, etc.)

2. Changed Plugin Icon again.

3. Improved Readme file (as if).

Be sure to check for upcoming plugins at http://mog.ancrik.com/

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: DragonSage at dragonsage@bungie.net.

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