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Starship Troopers


Made by Troll

This map gives you new units WHEN YOU

To get the tag set, go to the mill or my web site,


(You need to follow these directions I give you, there
is no other way.)

How To Play With The Plugin:

. I'll list them here.


1) One of them is this: Get a tag extractor from vista at
Once you have a tag extractor, extract the tag set and name that
folder that is extracted your local folder. You will probably need to
replace that local folder, or, if you are working on a map, rename
your local folder. (you local folder is where you store the
information for maps you are working on, but you haven't made a
plugin of it.) Then have this map plugin in your plugins folder.
Start up myth, HOLD DOWN "SHIFT" AND HIT
Then start a game playing one or
the other of these two maps!!

2) Start up myth 2, HOLD DOWN "SHIFT"
Then hit "cancel," and start a MULTIPLAYER GAME. Then go to an
unranked room, and start a game. Hit the little checkbox at the top
left of the options screen, so then it loads all of the SINGLE PLAYER
GAMES IN MULTIPLAYER. Then, select one of the Starship maps, and
then, still in multi options, hit the little button at the top-middle
of the screen that says "PLUGINS," hit this, and then click on the
Starship Troopers Tag Set and move it into the activated part of the
window, then hit "OK," and then select the difficulty you want it at,
then hit "OK," and start your game! (it might be wise to play it once
in regular single player and not multi to find out what you want to
do...but that is very strange, becuase you have a Trow that you don't
control who gets killed by Myrks and it just is REALLY WEIRD, that is
why you play it with the Starship Plugin in one or both of these

What this map is

One thing about this is that you get totally new units, the
regular soldier has a Flamethrower as his special power. (you have an
infinite amount of the "Flame," so use it as much as you want, but it
does cost mana.) You have an exploding bullet. (one unit in this will
be YOU throughout every single Starship Troopers map I make. You can
name him after you. But should he die, even if he's the first one
dead, you lose, and the game is over, so keep him alive!


You need to act VERY FAST, attack as soon as you can. Start at
Timid, then go to normal, then legendary, this will teach you how the
units work before you get mad because you can't beat the first
level...and know when to use special attacks.

There is also a general, who has a just-about-kill-anything-ROCKET
as his special attack. But you don't get to use him in this mission,
in later missions you will be able to.

There are also, of course, Bugs. These little guys need to get
close to you to hurt you, but if they do, you are pretty much dead.
So be sure to attack them and kill them before they get too close!

Ticks are little annoying bugs that can take your power down only
a bit, but they make you pause. So, if Ticks got you, and then there
are bugs, well...that wouldn't be good.

There are also little harmless-ambient-invincible creatures called
Grendels. Don't pay much attention to them.

There is also new scenery, a pretty big Starship Capsule, (what
the troops land on the planet in.) and a little Troll guy :) See if
you can spot the Troll on both of these maps.

Just a little advice--in the trenches in this level, the enemies
can get walk down the sides of the trenches, but you can't walk up
the sides of the trenches, and somtimes your bullets hit the
trenches. So, sometimes it gets very tight in there...


This map was made by me, Troll. But I really coudn't have done it
without the s'pht tag set (where I got the pictures of the units.)
That s'pht tag set was made by El Bastard, so THANKS A WHOLE LOT TO
EL BASTARD!! I have his permission to use his units/change them for

Thanks also to Vodi, who made Amber 2, pretty much the only
collection (picture) editor to be able to make units and scenery etc.

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