; Mythgraveyard

SF_ Recon ASS patrol Mesh

6 VC Commandos [Hunted] in mid of Map.

Map Actions Explained:

}}NGTY Activate Hunting Actions ??
This tests for Multiplay Hunting, ACOS Planning Time Over.

}}PLAN Planning Time Over ??
This Makes sure Planning Time is done, ACOS GEOM: >>>Find Un-Injured VC Commando<<<

}}-----Hunted Units-----
This is the container to place the Hunted Units into for the GEOMs to test against.

}}>>>Find Injured VC Commando<<<
This looks for a Commando with a Health Fraction < 1.00001. It feeds these units as an OBJE for >>>Find Un-Injured VC Commando<<<, and SUBJ for ----- Hunted VC As Attackers -----, ACOS GEOM: >>>Find Un-Injured VC Commando<<<, DEOS MEAN: Hunted Units Meander About

}}----- Hunted VC As Attackers -----
Results ID Unit Container SUBJ from GEOM : >>>Find Injured VC Commando<<< tied to Hunted VC Attack !!

}}-----Player Units As OBJE -----
All Player Team Units are tied to this container as OBJE for ATTA: Hunted VC Attack !!

}}ATTA Hunted VC Attack !!
Polygone encompassing entire map linked to the ----- Hunted VC As Attackers ----- and -----Player Units As OBJE ----- containers.

}}GEOM >>>Find Un-Injured VC Commando<<<
Uses the OBJE from GEOM : >>>Find Injured VC Commando<<< to seperate Non-Injured Units from injured ones, repopulates the -----Hunted Units----- Container and reactivates MEAN: Hunted Units Meander

}}MEAN Hunted Units Meander
Causes VC Commandos [Hunted] to wander about map and to avoid enmey units.

What to change in all this ??

Place as many units as you want for hunting, keeping in mind the Meander MA`s limit of 64 Monster Max course, and tie all these units to their Unit Container "----- Hunted Units -----".

Any and all Player Team units need to be linked to the "----- Player Units as OBJE -----" container if they are to be attacked. Not linked, they wont be attacked.

WAYPs and Threat Scan Width in Hunted Units Meander. Up to 32 points, though only half that should be fine if evenly distrubuted about the map. Threat Scan Width you will have to find a balance for, when an enemy is within the range set here, the meanderers will retreat away. To large a Threat Width and it can cause them to bunch up on the edge of the map at times, to small and you can get to clse to them mb.

If you want them to take more damage before reacting, just lower the Health Fraction Setting in GEOM : >>>Find Injured VC Commando<<<

Lastly, dont forget to remove their visibility, possibly check Cannot Be Autotargetted, and fix the maps edges this will be on so they cannot walk up and out of sight.

Ill dig up that Fear Induced dodging ASAP. ;o)

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